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Please join us for a panel discussion regarding a recent two-day LDS multi-Stake training in Canada focused on understanding LGBTQ members, led by faithful gay Mormon podcasters Charlie Bird and Ben Schilaty (hosts of “Questions From the Closet” podcast).

Is the Church losing too many members over its antagonism towards LGBTQ people and rights? Does this training represent a “Gay Mormon Rescue,” reminiscent of the Swedish Rescue and Boise Rescue from previous years? What aspects of this training are groundbreaking and should be celebrated? Is this a local/grass-roots effort or is it sanctioned by top LDS Church leadership?

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  1. Lance Steele January 26, 2023 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    Charlie Bird secretly dating and not being punished when other are excommunicated or disciplined for far less is really insulting. How can Charlie be a part of a rescue when he is simultaneously causing families to shame their children for not following Charlie’s proscribed way, while also not even following his own proscribed way.

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