Mormonism is a religion largely based upon faith inspiring stories. In 2013, the LDS Church began releasing a series of Gospel Topics Essays, to explore frequently questioned aspects of its doctrine and history. Following upon prior works, the Church recently published Saints: The Standard of Truth as the first in a four-volume history. While many have lauded the Church’s efforts to enhance openness and transparency, others feel that the Church’s narrative remains incomplete or excessively apologetic.

Mormon Stories Podcast is excited to announce a new project entitled “Examining Mormon Truth Claims.”  Over the next 12-24 months, we will explore various LDS topics in both written and podcast form. The primary audience will be Mormons who are investigating their church’s truth claims. The intent will be to author the essays that should have been released by the LDS Church; essays that tell a story, are accurate and robust, and yet succinct in length.


  1. Essays: Several in-depth essays which seek to explore Mormon truth claims as accurately, succinctly, and objectively as possible.
  2. Podcasts: A podcast series, involving subject matter experts, to explore the topics in-depth.
  3. Advertising: A prominent billboard will be secured in the Salt Lake City area to increase awareness of the project. Billboards may be extended to additional geographic regions if donor support merits.
  4. Book: Upon completion of the essay and podcast series, a book may be published. The overriding goal is to provide increased access to a simplified narrative to all who desire to thoroughly examine Mormon truth claims

Additional Information

Honoring Existing Resources: As few today can dedicate hundreds of hours to navigating countless websites, books, blogs and private chat groups, our intent is to aggregate the fruits of our labors into a single place – to share the answers we found. This project attempts to honor, stand beside, and build upon the incredible resources already created to explore Mormonism, including: UT Lighthouse MinistryMormonThinkCES Letter, and Letter for my Wife.

Feedback: While the framework of the core essays is largely complete, various editors remain actively engaged in the early stages of an ongoing work in progress; many updates and improvements will be made. We value your feedback on tone, content, length, sources, etc. as each topic develops. Please feel welcome to email us at with any comments or questions.