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  1. Really enjoyed the interview. A very interesting and inspiring young man. The Mexico City Temple was dedicated in Dec of 1983. The history of the LDS church in Mexico is a combination of American colonialism and religion. Thanks for the good work.

  2. Hands-down my very favorite Mormon Stories episode (and I have listened to a lot of them!).

    Funny, tragic, beautiful, honest, inspiring, articulate, raw, hopeful. Everything. Thank you for this so much.

  3. Thank you Geraldo for sharing your story. I too was born in Mexico, but raised in California, in a non LDS family. In June 1978, myself and other college students went to Guatemala, Central America for the summer, as part of a student agricultural program. We assisted an indigenous Mayan community recover following a devastating earthquake. It was on this trip that I first heard the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I heard the story from an indigenous friend who heard it from LDS missionaries in the area. My gut initially told me the claim that Mayan peoples are descendants of Lamanites, who generations before came from the Land of Israel, then spread out throughout the Americas, was too preposterous to believe. In elementary school we were taught indigenous peoples in the Americas came from Asia across the Bering Strait. After learning about other LDS truth claims and doing a little research, I completely dismissed Mormonism. Forty years later I learned the LDS Church was still teaching its members that Lamanites were descendants of Israelites. Simple fact-checking and research into current related DNA studies would prove this teaching to be totally false. In my humble opinion, spreading the Lamanite false teaching all over the world, and coercing gullible people to pay 10% of their monthly income or be denied eternal life in a polygamous heaven is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Changing the story to now read the Lamanites are one of many peoples to have originally populated the Americas should still be a crime because it still forces members to pay 10% of their income to support a false claim that can be easily debunked.

  4. Another great Mormon story. Thanks to Geraldo for his honest vulnerability. I must also say that the addition of Cara as a producer has really added value to these last few interviews.

  5. John. A couple d of other things that d lead to the demise of Evergreen was Robert Spritzer who did the major study on Conversion change therapy on his deathbed admitted that there were big time flaws in his study. This was the major study that NARTH advocated for years. At about the same time Dean Bird passed away. Dean Bird was the big guru for years for the church on this subject. The church has forever looked for something to use to defy The TRUTH about being Gay. and alas Dalin Oaks continues.

  6. Thank you, Geraldo. I just loved your interview…You have so much charisma and charm. Thank you for being your authentic self and sharing that with us.

  7. Thank you for being so vulnerable Gerardo. Every single episode of Mormon Stories that I have watched has been so educational and enlightening, this one brought tears to my eyes. May you and Zak find healing and peace for the pain you endured having to hide your authentic self from your own parents and the world. Feel loved.

  8. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of Mormon Stories. I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot, for which I thank John and crew sincerely. But this is my favorite episode. Love you all and thanks for all your great work

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