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THRIVING Beyond Orthodox Mormonism” project is an effort to provide tips, tricks, inspiration, and hope to those who are questioning, doubting, and/or leaving orthodox Mormonism – through sharing profiles of thriving post-Mormons and progressive Mormons.  

For those of you who are newly questioning/doubting Orthodox Mormonism, we want you to know know that: 1) Your thoughts and feelings are valid, 2) You are not alone, 3) You should not be afraid to doubt/question orthodox Mormonism, and 4) You CAN find healing, joy, and growth beyond orthodox Mormonism.

If you are healthier after leaving orthodox Mormonism and want to share your story, click here to find out how to submit your own profile! The profiles will also be used for future Mormon Stories Podcast interviews, and will be incorporated into a future book project.