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  1. I served in Sweden from 1998-2000. I loved seeing some familiar faces in these videos. I just want to say that the genuine warmth and awesomeness of the Swedish people keeps me from altogether regretting my decision to give up two years of my young life on behalf of an institution that has misled and makes continued attempts to mislead.

    Varma hälsingar!

  2. Good to be reminded how Shocking the church history of polygamy and polyandry can be. Bro Turley probably does know much more historical problems that he is able to ignore. What are your thoughts on Sweden’s new “Religion of Humanism” the feel good act of welcoming a flood of immigrants that do not share their Christian values? Any Prophet from Bible would prophesy on such an epic change of culture, . But the “Corporation of the First Presidency” builds a Humanitarian (Refugee) Center and changes the hymn books . Thank You for standing strong in your inquiry for Answers

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