Mormon Stories Podcast made me feel seen. Realizing that there were 100s of people walking this very same path as me, who were deconstructing just as much as I was, was the most freeing, liberating thing. I finally gave myself permission to just be.

- Mariama N.
Mormon stories has helped me to know I’m not alone. I have felt supported at many stages of faith transition. 

-Ruth V.
When I came out as gay at age 54 imagine my surprise to hear Tyler Glen’s episodes about coming out on Mormon Stories. Here was a person who was younger and living a different type of life to my college professor life and yet his experience was very much like mine. I did not feel so alone anymore.

-Brian C.
Mormon Stories me ayuda a entender que no estoy sola,que LDS es mas que una iglesia,que la verdad importa y es vital seguir difundiendola y educandonos antes de tomar decisiones que afectan nuestras vidas y de nuestros seres queridos.

-Marcela B.
Mormon stories opened our eyes to the reality of the church and how much was actually happening. We were given a new life because of Mormon Stories!

-Samantha A.
Listening to other people's vulnerable life stories is super helpful in developing empathy and understanding for others. This is why I love to listen to Mormon Stories Podcast. It has enlarged both my heart and mind. 

-Tara B.
There’s a lot of baggage to unpack leaving the church. Mormon Stories is like a concierge service who’s there for whatever luggage needs to be unpacked on any given day.

-Brian B.
Finding and hearing the personal stories shared on, Mormon stories, by others who’d experienced the very thing that I was experiencing, was life saving!!! I had been spiraling, feeling alone, destabilized and at times experiencing dissociation before finding Mormon Stories. It has been an absolute lifesaver for myself, a refuge from the storm during my own, dark night of the soul.
-Jen N.
When my husband and I felt so alone and so lost we have turned to Mormon Stories and have felt a community lift us and carry us. We are so grateful for this extended family we have now.

-Jensine H.
The best place to doubt your doubts!! Mormon Stories is where you come when your inner voice needs validation that you aren’t crazy!!
-Jennifer P
I like the critical thinking and honest answers. No judgment and just clear information. Thanks for all your work.

-Jessica F.
Mormon Stories podcast helped me validate how traumatized I was being in the church. When I heard stories like mine, I knew something was wrong and I wasn’t alone.

-Morgan F.
Mormon stories has given me hope where I felt helpless. It has shown me a new path and examples of how to be happy outside of my preconceived notions of what life "should" be. 

-Emily L.


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