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  1. How can I be on this podcast? I was a guest on Richard Ostler’s Listen, Learn, and Love in 2019. I’ve introduced several new chapters to my life since then including: civil divorce (my ex wife and I are great friends and coparents), coming out as gay, leaving the church, etc. Too generic? Maybe listen to the episode 198 on listen learn and love to see if you feel having me on your podcast could be beneficial for you listeners. Thank you.

  2. John, I warned you! I told you that if you didn’t stop having wonderful podcasts, I would be forced to be on board with you again! Of all your podcasts, this one is head and shoulders above all the others in spite of the marvelous other podcasts. This is my story. It is the pain that I have endured. I relate to every word of this podcast. THANK YOU to both of you.

  3. John, what I’m about to opine is rather brash and please understand that I admire what you do, your courage and service. You are excellent at what you do. However, Kyle is doing an excellent job of telling his story and moving the interview along. Although there are some of your guests that need help communicating/verbalizing their concepts Kyle is not one of them. He is inciteful and skilled at verbalizing all the nuances his experience. Please a bit less commentary which is serving to merely rephrase what Kyle has already expressed.

  4. A wonderful Podcast!! My heart goes out to Kyle who so valiantly tried to ‘fix himself’ as a believing Mormon. If there is a God in heaven He loves all of creation just as He made it!! My wish for you Kyle, is a future of fulfillment and joy… you deserve it!!! Thanks to you and John for a fantastic interview. The church really needs to mend its cruel ways on the issues of LGBTQ members.

    1. My heart goes out to his ex-wife who Kyle did not inform of his sexual orientation while they were dating. She had the right to know who she was marrying. It was truly unconscionable.

  5. Kyle
    Thank you so much for the great interview. I have been following you on Latter Gay Saints for quite a while now. Though I am older than you by a generation, I know your story so well. I was in a mixed orientation marriage long ago, and was the unknowing wife. I do wish someone would tell my side of the story. It is very long, twisted and had a tragic ending. For the last 30 years, I have been trying my best to help my children heal from the abuse and loathing he inflicted on them, because he could not face the truth of his life. They are willing to forgive him, and understand, but it is too late.
    If I could communicate one thing to families, love should trump the church and its hateful doctrine before more families are torn apart as mine was.

  6. I really enjoyed your story Kyle. You are an amazing person. I am sorry for the pain you endured at the hands of Mormonism and I am happy for the joy you have found after it. Mormonism hurts so many. I can relate.

  7. It’s often so tough to rank Mormon Stories interviews but this one…this one. Wow! You can feel the love Kyle had for the church growing up, on his mission, and in his adult life as he tried and tried to “make it go away” so he could be the kind of Mormon he wanted to be. He’s so incredibly articule—all your guests are but Kyle has it in spades.
    I love the interviewer you’ve become, John. I know it annoys some but I like that you back up to make sure you and your audience understand, then go back where you left off.

    Can you make the Northstar segment a stand alone? You published it in MSPC but it could stand to be a separate segment, called 1436 B here. I’m going to try and find it on FB but I’m not sure it can be shared from there. thanks.

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