Mark your calendars now and join us for our upcoming events! Attendees of past workshops/retreats have said it was an absolutely fabulous and life-changing experience. Below is a list of upcoming Open Stories Foundation events!

If you would like to organize/host an event in your city, the criteria are as follows:

  1. We need your help determining if there is enough demand to enroll around 40 people at the event in your city.
  2. We need your help organizing the event (in conjunction with our event planner).

Please email if you are interested in helping us plan an event in your area, and if you have any questions about existing events. Thanks! John and the OSF Events Team

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  2. Hi John.
    I went to listen to your interview with Bill Reel (# 363 & 364) but the files cannot be found.
    I asked a friend to see if he could access them, and he received the same error message.
    Did these two interviews get removed??
    Just wondering.

  3. I heard the announcement on a recent podcast about a mixed faith marriage training but didn’t see It on this page. Do you have more details on that?

  4. John: I am a evangelical christian, never have been a Mormon, but seeing your blog cast and reading mormon and anti-
    mormon books I am very interested in the many differences between christian and mormon belief. I see that you are having a workshop in Anaheim Jan. 26 and 27th and I would like to attend. May I?

  5. I am lds and have been pouring over your great material as well as many others. To say I’m frustrated with most of this info that does not match up with what I have been taught, have taught on a mission, and based my testimony on is devastating. I am looking for people or groups to talk to that are in Virginia if possible. It’s not like I can talk to family or ward members. I would be labeled an anti in five minutes. Finally would you have a specific podcast you can recommend for my wife and I where I am the one in a faith crisis and my wife is scared of loosing our marriage.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    faith crisis member

  6. Just back from the SLC Nov 17 event. Don’t remember anything on your website about parking, but such information was sorely missing. The streets were surprisingly full of parked cars. It would have been nice if there was a listing of available parking and the rates. Also where to park & ride on Trax in the free zone. I think Sunstone always includes parking accommodations in their Events. Also the text on your announcement page was very small and in faint colors,

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