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  1. Just a half hour in and you’re getting a lot of “amens” from me. The last time I attended an area conference as a member was maybe 15-20 years ago with Hinckley Monson and Holland. I felt Iike I was at some kind of walk down memory lane while I was waiting for some kind of heavenly message. So it sounds like absolutely nothing has changed. I only drove an hour but others drove hours to be there. That’s the moment I started to really began to doubt.

  2. As an ex Mormon Brit now living in the US I found this podcast fascinating. I don’t even have words for the completely useless visit of the apostles and their equally useless non-message for the members in the UK. It’s all been said, very eloquently by The Britvengers. I found the stats interesting and believable. I’m both sad that the church as I knew it back in the day is disappearing, and happy that the members are learning the truth about the fiction it’s based on. As a member both in the UK and US, I gave a lot in terms of money and service over the years, but honestly, as soon as I found out the truth about the BOM, Joseph Smith, the Book of Abraham…I found it easy to leave. I wasn’t going to waste one more day. I sympathize with those who find it hard to leave because of everything they invested, but everyone has to process this in their own way.
    A huge thank you to The Britvengers, also John and Samantha. I hope to see more podcasts with UK post and progressive Mormons in the future.

  3. As I have been listening to this podcast it occurred to me the apostle who said “gone are the days when simply bearing your testimony will address difficult church issues” is doing just that. I’m referring to Elder Ballard.

  4. Great episode!
    One comment: I wish when we talked about the second annointing we would give more context. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young envisioned this as an ordinance everyone who went to the temple would get. It is also called the fullness of the priesthood, and is the final ordinance of the temple. In fact, they viewed the temple (I know JS’s views on the temple changed throughout his life–I am referencing his final phase) as a vehicle to administer the second annointing. All other rituals were preparatory to that. As with everything in the LDS Church, this has changed over time.

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