1809: 8 Passengers Mormon Therapist Jodi Hildebrandt Destroyed My Life – Adam Paul Steed2023-09-14T11:50:16-06:00
1808: Niece of 8 Passengers’ Mormon “Therapist” Jodi Hildebrandt Speaks Out – Jessi Hildebrandt2023-09-11T15:54:59-06:00
1807: The “Therapist” that Ruined 8 Passengers – Experts React2023-09-07T17:41:10-06:00
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Survivor Stories
1644: Mormon Church Discouraging Sex Abuse Victims from Reporting – Survivor Stories2022-08-22T20:26:59-06:00
1641: Help Make Utah Mormon Bishops Mandatory Reporters – Protect Kids Rally2022-10-10T18:06:53-06:00
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