Founded in 2005, Mormon Stories podcast is the longest running and most popular Mormon-themed podcast.  Hosted by Dr. John Dehlin (Clinical/Counseling Psychology), Mormon Stories podcast seeks to understand, explore, challenge, and improve the Mormon experience through stories.  Some of the primary objectives of Mormon Stories podcast include:

  1. Providing support to Mormons who are transitioning away from either orthodox Mormonism, or from Mormonism altogether, with a particular emphasis on:
    • Minimizing the anxiety, depression, and occasional suicidality that can accompany a transition away from religious orthodoxy.
    • Reducing the number of unnecessary divorces attributable to Mormon faith crises.
    • Creating a community of support for liberal/progressive and post-Mormons.
  2. Building greater awareness regarding accurate LDS/Mormon church history, doctrine, and theology – so that both active, believing Mormons and investigators of the church can make informed decisions regarding their investment in, and engagement with the church.
  3. Identifying opportunities for growth/improvement within the LDS church, and within broader Mormon culture.

Mormon Stories podcast operates in partnership with the Open Stories Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit), and obtained over 7.6 million podcast downloads and Facebook/Youtube views in 2019.  The work of Mormon Stories podcast has been featured in the New York Times, National Public Radio, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, VH1, the Huffington Post, VICE NEWS, etc

If you are new to Mormon Stories podcast, a fantastic way to begin exploring the podcast is to begin with our Top 25 most important/popular episodes of all time.

Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know:

  • What you love about Mormon Stories podcast.
  • What topics you would like to see us cover.
  • What types of guests you would like to see us bring on to Mormon Stories, and
  • What we can do to help make Mormon Stories better.

Please email us at MormonStories@gmail.com for your feedback.

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  1. John,
    I just visited you blog website as I have over the past couple of years, and I was so pleased to see that you are going to continue with your interviews. I carry several of them on my PDA and listen to them from time to time. I especially liked the Ted Lyon and Glen Kearney interviews. I listened to most of the other interviews, and some of them made me a little uncomfortable, but I guess that is the price of learning. I hope you continue for a long time with the same unbiased approach even though some subjects make guys like me squirm a little. I am sending a donation and though small, I hope it helps to keep you going.

    Steve Mayne

  2. John,

    If I would have come across this site a year ago I think I’d still be married. Even though I’m one of the unfortunate guys who’s wife leaves him because of disbelief in the LDS church your podcasts and workshops are helping me rebuild some broken bridges with the ex wife and making a better environment to raise our son.

    I wish more people in Utah(family and old in-laws) had the same honest and fair attitude as yours. I hope someday I can share my personal story to the world and better the lives of others like you have so done.

    I’m in the military stationed in England and people thank me all the time for serving the United States and the United Kingdom so I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you do and your service to better the community. Because of your website I’m much happier and I have a better outlook on life. I’m able to keep pressing on so I can do my best to perform my military duties.
    Thank you very much,

    1. What part of England are you living in, Trevor? Is there a chance I could get your email to ask you some questions? I’m not military but worked with the US Air Force in England. Thanks, I hope to hear from you!

  3. John,

    I was introduced to your podcast by a good friend of mine. It was during a time that I was exploring my faith, spirituality, and religion. I am so thankful for what you do and for offering more than just the “three hour block” to those of us who want it. I find that whether or not I agree with anyone’s position on a given topic it allows me to explore where others are coming from. I have since been introduced to various doctrine by all of the notable LDS scholars like Hugh Nibley, Richard Bushman, etc… Anyways, I am in the military (active duty) and I know your podcast will help me through some difficult times in Afghanistan next year. Thanks John and PLEASE don’t stop these podcasts! (p.s. I am now a paid subscriber! yesssssss!)

  4. hi John,
    Thanks for your good and hard word on these Mormon issues. You are trully helping many many people all over the country and the world. Thanks to your job, it inspired me to open my own blog in portuguese and raise some of these questions in my own language in Brazil.
    I would like to know if have you ever thought in having a section in your blog dedicated in refer to other similar blogs, like a links page?


  5. I listened to your presentation “Why people leave the LDS Church…” and wanted to tell you that you certainly have great insight. I am a university professor, former bishop, high councilman, early morning seminary teacher, etc. and, yet, 7 years ago I began to do consulting in the Middle East. At that time I was a ward missionary and I had extensive discussions with my Muslim friends. A long story, but as a result I began to seriously question the Church. The first time I expressed my concerns to my priesthood leader (i was his 1st assistant), his response was to tell me that he would have to release me. I was subsequently released as a home teacher via email, which told me i was not worthy. This followed with about 5 years of trying to be inactive. My wife, however, is the unquestioning, loving, devoted person that would never doubt. I have really struggled with my beliefs, but am attending and now participating again. I appreciated listening to your presentation and the insight it had. I sent the link to my wife and current bishop.

    1. I came here thinking I would find others testimonies. I suppose they are testimonies, but to me they seem based on intellect and pride, from failure to join thought with humble hearts and submissive spirits. I have found prayer (sincere, thoughtful, consistent) to my Father, as well as study of His Word, and obedience to His commandments and the truths revealed to me, to be my strength. Answers are there for me . . . in faith, hope, charity, prayer and in study and obedience. I lost my united family, temple marriage and a few of my seven precious spirits to divorce. Their father came back to the church just recently, after over 30 years. He is married to a Catholic, perhaps she will join. I did not know about the ordinance spoken of in the temple related to having ones calling and election made sure, but I only need Heavenly Father’s love, the Savior’s Atonement, and the comfort and guidance of the Holy Ghost. Those all came to me through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My former husband, was one ordained a Seventy by Elder Paul H. Dunn, when that was the policy years ago. The sad part is that he never was able to feel the love of Father, even though he was very good at going through the motions (Ward clerk, Investigators class, Branch President, counselor in bishoprics, High Council for years and teacher of early morning home seminary for years), but he admitted to me in a letter that he had never been able to feel the love of Heavenly Father like some people say they do. One does not feel that love when their life is out of line . . . when duplicity is present. I hope now that he is back that he will feel the GREAT love Heavenly Father has for all of us. There is not a Church on the face of the earth that reaches out and does more to make eternal life possible for all. Christ organized a church when he came here. Churches were organized even before His birth. Temple ordinances were performed. People are not perfect. God is very good to allow us to do the best we can and continue to help us where ever we are on the path, as long as we are sincerely striving. I have been studying the Beatitudes. I feel that might be a good thing for all to study. Charity, the pure love of Christ, a pure heart are the greatest of all gifts and will be a great part of our judgement. However, Christ needs a Church . . . a people organized to help each other . . . a people organized to greet Him . . . when He comes again. As Peter so wisely said, “Where else would I go?”

  6. I listened to your presentation “Why people leave the LDS Church…” and wanted to tell you that you certainly have great insight. I am a university professor, former bishop, high councilman, early morning seminary teacher, etc. and, yet, 7 years ago I began to do consulting in the Middle East. At that time I was a ward missionary and I had extensive discussions with my Muslim friends. A long story, but as a result I began to seriously question the Church. The first time I expressed my concerns to my priesthood leader (i was his 1st assistant), his response was to tell me that he would have to release me. I was subsequently released as a home teacher via email, which told me i was not worthy. This followed with about 5 years of trying to be inactive. My wife, however, is the unquestioning, loving, devoted person that would never doubt. I have really struggled with my beliefs, but am attending and now participating again. I appreciated listening to your presentation and the insight it had. I sent the link to my wife and current bishop.

  7. These interviews are boring.  Why don’t you go back to San Jose Pinula, Guatemala to baptize all those little poor kids that lived in the slums outside the town, as you used to do.    Remember how you started the first Branch in that town by baptizing only the poorest of the poor & how you were affraid of Knocking doors at the Middle class houses in the town? 

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  11. I am a fully active, fully believing member of the LDS church who loves to study and consider. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy many of the podcasts you provide. My comment is that over time my experience with this site is that it is becoming more and more negative, not sure that is the correct word – i then looked at your board of directors and saw why – all but one are in some way negative toward the LDS faith – it would seem that this site would be better balanced if you had a greater representation of fully active believers.
    I enjoy the site but see it slipping away from its postive nature and becoming a site about creating doubt and subtly destroying faith rather than just sharing stories.

    thanks for what you do, just some thoughts.

    1. I’m a very active LDS priesthood holder and came across this site by clicking an ad on Facebook. Facebook ads can be targeted to any demographic you wish. In this case it was for those of the LDS faith apparently. I read about the upcoming conference in San Francisco for LGBTAQ LDS Members. Quite frankly I wasn’t sure there were enough to merit a conference, nevertheless I thought it was admirable. As I read on I was wondering the same as you noted, Mark. I’m not sure how positive and neutral this site is, but if it has an agenda to slowly weaken the faith of those who are LDS, then indeed it certainly not a site for me or any other good standing LDS person.

    2. I am a first time listener who is very active and faithful. I have a husband who is becoming inactive and has lost his faith. I would have to say that even though this is the first time listening, there are things being said that draw people away from the church. The focus is on the problems and mistakes people make and the negative things, instead of the faith building, positive testimonies and truths that help people continue to believe and gain a greater testimony and faith. In other words, the things I’m hearing are doubt-filling, and testimony destroying discussions. Where are your stories of encouragement and discoveries of truths and miracles? I have some for you if you’d like some. The things that keep people in the church are not the problems and the secular learning; it is the miracles and the faith and the answers we get from God. It’s the things the Holy Ghost whispers to you that are true and real. You are not focused on that, and therefore, in my opinion, are weaving in things that our adversary would like others to hear to draw them away from God. Focusing on members stories who left or have left the church at one point, is the opposite of faith building. Yes, I know you want to seem more balanced, and “progressive”, but the very word progressive, does not belong in the Church. The laws of God are not progressive, they are the same today and yesterday and always. I got bad feelings from the start when listening, and I think your podcasts are deceiving. I would even go as far to say that you are working for the wrong side of the truth equation my brother. I hope you pray hard over this issue, and come to a realization of your own.
      My character? I read scriptures daily, battle with consequences of my husband going inactive daily, pray daily, try to have the Spirit daily, and I can tell you that the Holy Ghost prompts me when to listen to something worthwhile and when not to. I’ve been prompted not to in this search for “Mormon” podcasts. I am not perfect, I make mistakes, I’m not better than you or anyone, but I will not listen to truth mingled with doubt. Thanks for letting me comment.

      1. I have just come across this site too, from a friend whose daughter is trying to come back to church who is on this site. I thank you for your comment, it makes sense. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s true church, and also no-one is perfect so we shouldn’t expect perfect out comes all the time at church, but its our own scripture reading and following the Prophet, and striving to keep the commandments, serving others etc that brings us balance is this crazy world of confusion. I have not listened to the Pod casts and just started scrolling down the comments, thank you again for your wise words.

    3. I agree. This site is like a ‘Dimmer Switch’ slowly dimming until One day this site reverses as a smorgasbord line, trying to leading active LDS members away. Those who sit on the board, are ‘bored’ with truth. They want a simple and easy religion so they can justify their inner-cravings. Simple as that! Anti LDS Church doctrine is just pre-packaged with new wrapping paper and a brighter bow to lure your attention away. Those who stray, don’t stay because they are enthralled with this new gift and wrapping paper which is called ‘same-old-LDS-anti-doctrine’. All can be answered, but those LDS members who are looking to leave the church only read anti LDS doctrine. They don’t turn to LDS theologians who can easily taint and flatten any anti literate. Transitioning members want a more worldly and easy religion; who’s doctrines are confusing, altered and bland. Transitioning makes members feel ‘More Part of The World’.

    4. I only listened to two and thought this was was anti-Mormon. Upon reading many reviews I guess it’s not, but VERY dangerous grounds to approach in these last days.

  12. I agree with Mark. What the world needs more of is the ability to have empathy for one another. That empathy cannot come from a negative approach to one another, regardless of what position we are blessed to hold.

    I was personally agnostic for a very long time until I was baptized on my 40th birthday. Since then, I have learned many things. The two that help the most are that I am only responsible for me – and that no one else is, and that the commandment to “judge not” is universal.

    I look forward to listening more to your podcast and to watching your website.

  13. I stumbled onto mormonstories about three weeks ago. I’ve been listening to your old podcasts and have found them very interesting. One of my faves was your interview with Rabbi Falcon. Neat guy!

  14. Luigi Di Benedetto

    Hello Brother John; it’s Luigi from Australia and could yousend me some dvds as mentioned on your webiste to

    Luigi Di Bnenedetto
    Cambria Street
    Reids Flat NSW 2586

    Thank You


    PS: Just read that you got booted out from the Mormon Church. You are welcome to my home in Australia for a sabbatical and anyone that could do with one.

  15. I have serious concerns about the incorrect translation that Joseph Smith made of documents presented to him by non-Mormons. These very serious errors can be considered a large problem. I understand that many “missionaries” have no knowledge of these problems. Do you have plans to openly share these problems with ALL members of your organization? Truth has nothing to fear with serious investigation and explanations that answer the honest and humbly asked questions such as: overwhelming DNA, language, and historical evidence that had stood for decades in contract to the written teaching of the LDS.

  16. John, I just want to thank you for producing these podcasts. They have been an invaluable resource to me as I have struggled through my faith crisis. In many ways they have saved my sanity as I have lost my testimony while living in a devoutly LDS community, among people who have treated me differently for breathing even a word of doubt. I could write much more than this about the intense pain I have experienced as I have gone from being a devout believer to the person I am today. However, I think it suffices to just say thank you. Like you, I still love Mormonism in many ways. I just can’t keep on believing in blind obedience, shame, and cultish behavior.

  17. Jenny McMillan

    Hello John,
    Just finished watching your 1st episode interviewing Shawn McCraney, May 15. While I thought you asked great questions and gave him plenty of time to talk, I thought it very interesting that I was also watching you text as Shawn was explaining his deepest beliefs. The camera shot was directly over your shoulder and I could see your phone…not your iPad, but your phone. In fact, I could see not only texting but pictures. In a world where it seems it’s so hard for us to listen, this was very disheartening for me to see. It was as a great reminder for me to improve.

    1. Jenny – I was texting my staff in the room at the time to find out what time we needed to wrap up. It’s how we communicate without disrupting the interview. And you’re right. There’s no need for that to the in the shot. But sometimes I need to communicate with my staff during these interviews, especially if there is a technical glitch or other type of problem.

  18. What happened to that episode that appeared and disappeared so quickly, about the history of Mormon Liturgy? I was so excited for that one…

  19. I just want to say how amazingly remarkable I have found your work to share so many mormon stories. Your guests are beyond courageous in opening up their harts and sharing their most personal emotions, experiences and stories. Even as a non mormon, I’m overwhelmed with my many thoughts and feelings after watching each episode. Your efforts express the true hart of humanity that transcends beyond the realm of mormonism. It touches on the love each human spirit yearns to express through each momentary life here on earth.

    Many blessings and thanks to you and your guests.

  20. Hello John,
    I met you a couple of times at your dads house and have followed you in the past and occasionally on certain topics including the Sam Young issue that is going on lately.

    I watched some of the videos about what he says the bishops were asking the youth members and I highly doubt that bishops are asking those questions. It is more likely that his daughter is just telling him what he wants to hear and or he is exaggerating most of it. I’ve been in the church all my life and I know bishops don’t ask questions like that.

    I listened to your interview with him and I kept hoping that you would give him a little push back. You were raised in the church and I’ll bet you didn’t get those questions.


    1. Keith Bleazard –
      Just because you did or didn’t experience something in the church doesn’t mean others had the same experience you did. I was asked some of those questions. I talk to people frequently that were also asked similar questions. Sam Young’s website (protectldschildren.org) has the published stories from hundreds of people detailing the same (and worse).

      Mormons like to use the words “I know” a lot, with no evidence to back it up. Use the critical thinking skills your God gave you and think for yourself.

  21. I chose to marry a non member who I found to be one of the most honest, kind and respectful person I’d met at that time (we were both 21 when we married). His parents never brought him up in any religion, as his dad had left church in his later teens and his mom only went occasionally in hers. He was allowed to grow up and choose what he wanted to be involved in socially and was well taken of physically, but his father exposed him to porn with his magazines and his mom laughed it off.
    This became a problem that he hid during most of our marriage that he felt a lot of shame for specially when he got involved in nude clubs, alcohol, and visiting “massage parlors”-that at the point that I came across the websites he’d been visiting. I told my hubby that I was ‘done’ with our marriage because over several years he’d pushed me to walk away from the faith I’d grown up in, I was trying to bring my little ones to church alone and cried every week. My hubby had always been agnostic and very scientific and questioned things in a way that I’d never heard of. I’m glad I didn’t give up as quick as that first impulse was!!
    My father was a convert during his college years and studied geology and theology during the years of conversion and through the years I’ve heard stories of things that were said to him by upper Stake leaders in our area about how he’d never rise up to certain levels because of him being a convert-it never made sense to me. My dad held callings and was the best man I ever knew (he recently died)
    There definitely is an elitist mentality for MANY people in the church, it’s pervasive and sickens me to think that this secret ceremony exists.

    I once came across in research that a man was allowed to be sealed to dead women! Things are weird in church history and guess it goes on still. I’m not sure if these things line up with the God I personally have felt knows and loves me. Maybe I’m not in the right church.

    Recently as I’ve witnessed the unkindness by leaders and kids towards some personal moral choices our teenager made it that didn’t harm anyone but herself. The way she was treated has made me question why I’m trying to raise my kids in this environment. If my tense hearted son isn’t ready for a Mission hows that goingvtonpkay out? On our end we will love him, but his leaders will look down on him and he will feel shamed-it scares my husband and I, we consider moving out of state for this reason

    If you’d don’t follow the mainstream you wont fit in with the others and you eventually will feel it-the question is whether emotionally you will be strong enough to know you’re own worth separate from the church.

    I am grateful I married who I did and I’m grateful I had the strength to forgive him of the harm he caused during his years of being slightly unfaithful to me, even if it came out that he was I’d forgive him. He’s a fabulous father and loving husband, he’s actually honest in his daily actions verses saying he is.

    It’s very difficult for me to untangle all of these things involving the story from Tom-because relying on what I had learned about the Atonement was how I forgave my sweetheart. The nature of God and the Savior and MY OWN witness of the loving nature of Christ is what I learned in Primary and Young Women’s and Seminary those taught me about God. I feel lost if I don’t have This God to love. These teachings of the church were ultimately taught by Joseph Smith. However I’ve learned these traits are taught among other religions too.

    My view because of years of inactivity and what that involved was scary and I almost took my own life because I felt unworthy to pray since I drank occasionally, I had absolutely no friends in my neighborhood because I was “wicked” and the ward members for a time didn’t let their kids play with mine. I found it hard to see my own worth without going to church weekly.

    I began to learn to love myself recalling words from certain songs and searching for spiritual understanding in this world and to see the worth of others in various religions and why people choose no religion. These things made me into a different person than if I’d followed the normal path taught in church-it’s hard for me to teach my children to follow that course when veering taught me to really care about people and the world in general.

  22. Your interviews are exceptionally well done. (I enjoy your balanced and non hostile style.) Thank you. Have you considered trying to interview Warren Jeffs? He is currently living in Texas and will not be leaving anytime soon. He and [unnamed] appear to be cut from the same cloth and an interview would be most interesting if he would consent to one.

  23. Thank you for your podcast, I’ve been listening as i struggle with my faith crisis and have found your podcast to be well ,thoughtful and contain a great variety of subject through out Mormonism . I recently listened to the Mindy Gledhill episodes which were fantastic . You referred to other podcasts that she had been on I’ve not be able to locate those could you point me in the right directions I’ve like tom learn more about her transition . Thank Jon your a man of great character, strength and provide a needed service for those within and without the Mormon community for it is only embracing our difference and talking about they do we truly live a Christ centered life.
    Thank you Gordon Roberts

  24. Your interviewing style is very comfortable to listen to, and engaging, and you choose very interesting and diverse guests. I wonder if there are more people, who like me have spent 50 years, after converting at age 19, oblivious to the real history and now having to renegotiate a new conversion to what I don’t know yet. Perhaps that is a topic, “shelf broken and not much time to fix it”. I appreciated the Hans Mattson segments, and perhaps there are more “older” guests that would have some insights regarding issues they have around advancing age, large families, and long time church affiliation and how to find a new tribe. You present factual information, that is negative for the church, but to me without “being” negative which is a tight line to walk. Thank you, my view is no improvement needed.

  25. john
    I recently found your organization and has been very helpful. I was wondering if you could recommended a councilor in Las Vegas Nevada for mixed faith marriages. Thanks so much.

  26. Hello, so enjoy your stories. I am very pleased to see your compassionate approach to people who have suffered heart break especially from family and friends because they sought the truth.

    I am sending you my youtube channel address. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9do7AbahBiEQSw4Xc8XU9w?view_as=subscriber It is a scary first. My hands shake, but it is merely a genetic essential tremor I have had since about four years old. not senility or parkinsons.
    I left the Mormon church after decades of devout consecration of all.
    I was disbarred after a 10 year litigation battle for my support of Navajo Nation superior sovereignty within the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation for legal injuries occurring within that Nation.
    I began asking why ALL Utah lawyers are deprived of a U.S. Supreme Court mandated adversarial trial, and impartial triers, and so forth as the condition has been in Utah for about 50+ years.
    why did Judge Gorsuch, now justice, find that for 40+ years Utah Supreme Court and courts and lawyers and prosecutors had ignored gU.S. indian sovereignty.
    the investigation of my “why” question shows me what I did not know in joining the Mormon faith. It has always been building a LITERAL physical “government of God’ “Kingdom of God” that is totalitarian under the Prophet that has a goal of taking over the entire world. thank you dr. D. Michael Quinn. Temples are places where the church is transposing their law of the Prophet on intelligent usually sincere people wishing to find God to displace many of the followers oaths to their own often elected and civil rights oriented governments. It is to establish “god’s government” operated by Mormon ‘family’ hierarchy around the world.

    It is impossible with our Bill of Rights and other countries constitutions officials and personnel take oaths to support.. So now Utah state has been transformed legally in reality to a ‘state of deseret’.
    the you tube and freedom.org explains it and provides legal research also all free if you are interested.
    !thank you for the loving approach to so many broken hearted disappointed victims of a fraud on the world.

  27. I was ” raised” in the cult….. High church

    Temple interviews as a child were creepy and mildly traumatic. My dad forced me to show naked with him at 12 years old.
    I don’t understand this religious political monetary system.
    The past 15 year has been sad the past 7 or 8 have been hell.
    Wow feel lonely felony what a morally vulgar twisted language.
    If only I could die in my sleep tonight.
    You do such very good work though

  28. Hi John. Mormon stories podcasts have been of great support to me over the last year. I have listened and learned so much from you and the people you interview. Never once have I heard anything that remotely encourages a member to leave their family because of a difference in beliefs. To the contrary John started Thrive to help keep families together. All Jeremy Runnells did was to ask questions about the church and got kicked out of the church. How is that Christ like? Fairmormon is using these three kids to destroy the character of two good upstanding men. I fully support John and Jeremy.

  29. Rick Anderson 2401

    Can you please add Microsoft to the matching donation page? I donated just now from your site Transaction ID: 20568895386770044
    and your pages couldn’t find Microsoft, so I wrongly assumed MS wasn’t matching. I had to go the the MS internal site and request a match.
    Or possibly suggest folks make the donation at the MS employees site.

    Mahalo – Rick

  30. Hello, I hope you can help me…I’m looking for the resources about spiritual possession and illness by a Doctor Fisher. He was disfellowshipped or excommunicated from.the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints some years ago. I came across his books and resources a couple of years ago and was looking for them again. I think his disciplinary council happened in Saint George. I am contacting you because I think I read about him on a website that was yours or was similar to yours. I’m sorry if I have got it wrong and for any inconvenience I may cause you. Still hope you can help me but understand if you cannot. Thank you! Joe.

  31. Are scripts of podcasts available? There is so much info in each that it is almost impossible to absorb just by listening. I am an atheist, yet, the podcasts contain such beautiful discussion of the nature of narratives ; this aside from the religious content. A grad level course in pedagogy!

  32. Dear John,
    Came to Mormon Stories via an interest in susceptible people – “why we believe what we do?”. I’ve always been a proponent of the ability to discern – authenticity. Yet felt surrounded by those who can’t.

    Circa 2018, I became aware of the convergence of strange conspiracy theories, which thru crowd-sourcing, evolved into Q-Anon. Over the last year, I’d noticed parallels and crossovers with (but not limited to) Scientology, Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner) and eventually LDS.
    All have seem to have GULLIBLE followers.

    My research led me to the heinous crimes committed by Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell – Preppers and self-appointed LDS profits. Trying to understand LDS speak and the underpinnings of their belief systems, I came to Mormon Stories.

    I’ve listened to as many as I possible. Your interviews are gracious, gently allowing guests the time and space they need – not driven by advertiser’s time constraints – to give listeners a broader picture of all that’s led them to this point in their lives; according to their understanding.

    I admire your restraint from sensationalising or showcasing the sensational aspects of interviewee’s stories.

    I noticed on your facebook page, a mention of doing a pod on the Vallow/Daybell situation. I hope you can find a way in that preserves the authentic feelings of those speaking, without the hype.

    My interests include:
    How does the Church handle “impartial trials” when the defendants, attorneys, prosecutor, judge and jury are all LDS?

    What elements inherent in Mormonism led “Believers” to follow this and other offshoots of Joseph Smith’s teachings?

    Is it all about fear? The End Times? Or the rewards: What to look forward to in the afterlife?
    Or is it power and status in this life?

    And on a broader theme: What’s the ultimate goal of the church LDS?

    Thank you, John for all you do.
    And thank Heavens you’re doing it.

  33. I just saw this website for the first time today after I watched the video about 50 things wrong with the Mormon Church. I moved to St George in 2015 after I retired and was amazed that so many of these practices like women still not being equal. are still in effect today. The thing that really upset me was on the drivers license application It ask s about sex, marital status (which I understand) but also asks about religion and and political preference which ,in my not so humble opinion, should not be asked. I was also miffed when I was applying for a loan to buy my house about my husband, who is deceased, like I couldn’t afford to buy the house without my husbands income.
    Thanks for the video it was very informative.

  34. Hi guys,
    Just started reading a few of the essays. Noticed there’s a few typos here and there. Might be worth having someone do a thorough proof read.
    Cheers, Matt

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