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Description: Join John, Jenn and Mike from LDS Discussions as we break down the “translation” of the Book of Mormon. Did Joseph use the “spectacles” and breastplate found with the Gold Plates? Or his seer stone and a hat? Or the “Urim & Thummim”? Or nothing at all? 

Does it even matter?

LDS Discussions Essay on Book of Mormon Translation

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  1. Leni. Eddington May 5, 2022 at 6:32 am - Reply

    This series is FANTASTIC. So much new information to chew on. Scholarly but understandable. Thank you Mike for the respectful way you present. It’s both engaging and relaxing. I say ‘relaxing’ because your presentations skip sarcasm and F bombs. Ocasional cuss words are no big deal but 20 ,30 F bombs in an episode grates on my nerves. Admittedly I am “old school” when it comes to the big, bad words. For me they are distracting. John, I get a kick out of hearing you laugh and I appreciate how you put ‘2 and 2’ together and further add to what Mike presents. Thank you Mormon Stories for continuing to put out so much content. Eating it up!

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