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  1. The title, RICHARD BUSHMAN ADMITS MORMON LEADERS MISLED MEMBERS WITH A FALSE NARRATIVE, and statements you make in your opening paragraphs, give the impression that Bushman was saying Church leaders purposely misled members for generations with a narrative they knew was false. This is not true. A little past 00:46 he said, “As if the church authorities knew it all and they were just concealing it. There was a little bit of that. They did hide Mountain Meadows for a while. But on the whole the church authorities had no better knowledge of church history than the normal members and the general authorities also had to be educated in this new kind of history.” Perhaps you address this in your “Questions I Would Ask Richard Bushman” podcast, but don’t you see that here you are misleading your audience? Why do you do this? In the past you were quite balanced in these podcasts, but since your excommunication you seem to have lost most, if not all, of that balance. We are poorer for that.

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      John Cannon – Check out the following:

      – The 1912 New York Times article on the Book of Abraham mistranslation: http://www.utlm.org/onlineresources/nytimes1912papyrus.htm
      – The Robert Ritner Book of Abraham Interviews: https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/robert-ritner/
      – The Secret Mormon Meetings of 1922: https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/shannon-caldwell-montez-the-secret-mormon-meetings-of-1922/
      – Joseph Fielding Smith’s hiding of the 1932 first vision account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Deoh20oAk
      – The Story of Fawn Brodie and No Man Knows My History
      – The Story of Leonard Arrington: https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/leonard-arrington/
      – The Excommunication of the September Six
      – The Excommunication of me, Jeremy Runnells, Bill Reel, etc.

      Mormon Church leaders have: 1) known about the many problems with Mormon church history for over a century, 2) have intentionally misled the membership with a false narrative, and 3) have punished anyone who spoke openly about these problems – and you and Richard Bushman both know this. You are just afraid to admit it publicly.

      1. Yes, I understand your position on the issue. I don’t believe church leaders have intentionally misled the membership, but rather did so in most cases through their own misunderstandings. But that isn’t my point. You have cherry-picked one part of the talk he gave to give the impression that Bushman believes your point 2 above, while another part of his talk makes it clear that isn’t what he believes. Don’t you see that you are being as dishonest in this as you claim church leaders have been? You believe Bushman knows your point 2 above is true while the talk he gives makes clear he doesn’t. Where is the evidence to support your speculation?

        While I criticize your cherry-picking of an item in the talk, I give you credit for posting the entire video and transcription of the talk and thank you for that.

        Why have you abandoned the balance you used to have in you Mormon Stories podcasts? I understand that the more prominent church members such as Bushman, Givens and others are no longer willing to appear on Mormon Stories but many of the people you have on Mormon Stories who are negative toward the church are not prominent. Why not invite regular church members who have a positive take on the church?

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