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  1. This is the scholarly approach I’ve sought for decades. All that I once believed about Mormon beginnings has had to change, but the one thing that kept me conflicted was the fact that I found no convincing explanation as to how any young person, a backwoods farmer or a Yale graduate, could dictate a book as complicated, sophisticated, and spiritually compelling as the Book of Mormon – in just 65 days. I’ve known what the story “isn’t” for a very long time. But figuring out what it “is” or “could be” has been elusive. Until now. Thank you, Dr. William Davis. You are a gentleman and scholar of the highest caliber. I loved your interview with John Dehlin. I will be able to share this book with the believers in my family because of your respectful approach. I expect it to help bridge the gap between the believing heart and the truth-seeking mind.

    1. Becky, thank you for such a wonderful comment. Researchers love to know that their work is making a difference in someone’s life. I appreciate it very much!
      (Sorry for such a long delay in responding, but I just noticed the comment today!) Best wishes in your journey, William

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