1. David April 12, 2023 at 10:48 am - Reply

    I could barely tolerate listening to Hatch on the podcast and then watched some of the actual clips of him speaking and it was almost unwatchable. I’m sure many have commented on this but the thing that really struck me is how angry he is. He says “something I really hate, and I don’t like to use that word…”. Are you kidding me, Hatch? Every exaggerated word that comes out of his mouth is dripping with hate and vitriol. I am a gay lapsed mormon myself and I don’t want to stereotype people based on their voice and mannerisms but watching and listening to him brings to mind the quote that Brother Hatch “doth protest too much, methinks”.

    • Maven April 18, 2023 at 2:34 pm - Reply

      Agreed. I cannot listen to that man’s voice. It genuinely struck fear into me at a deeply instinctual level.

      That isn’t to say that he is a dangerous individual, but there’s DEFINITELY something about that man that makes the core of my being certainly feel like he is.

  2. Darrick April 27, 2023 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    What did Jesus mean when he said “Judge not lest ye be judged?” Did he mean: “Don’t condemn any sin nor the sinner”. No, read the Aramaic not the Greek. He said: “Do not presume unless you want to be prejudged yourself”. In other words, when I was a Mormon, I was poor. Mormons “judged” me “unworthy” because I didn’t have God’s “blessings” (i.e. money/sexy wife). Actually, I was pretty spiritually and living more worthily than any Mormon friend I knew (true…I did not have many Mormon friends). Jesus referred to homosexuality when he said: “He who says unto his brother Rakha shall be in danger of the council but he who says unto his brother ‘Thou fool’ shall be in danger of gehenna (hell).” Rakha was the spitting sound used by Syriac speakers to address gay men (Rakha…I spit on you). The gay men would reply ‘You’re a fool”. The straight men who say “Rakha” (I spit on you) will be “in danger of the council”. What is the Council? The Sanhedrin was called the Council. Also, in Spiritist books we are judged by a “council” in the Spirit-World. Gehenna means Hell, the place of fire. Jesus refers to Gehenna 9 times in the Gospels. Mormons are taught from birth “there is no Hell”. The Book of Mormon teaches that Satan whispers to men “There is no Hell”. That is what my Sunday School and Institute teachers told me: “There is no Hell”. When a woman was caught in adultery and about to be stoned, Jesus said: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Then Jesus told the woman: “Go and SIN NO MORE”. Jesus followed the School of Hillel, which allowed adulterers and sodomites “one repentence” for capital crimes. One repentance only. On the second offense they were stoned. He didn’t say: “God and HAVE A GOOD TIME!” Jesus quoted from the Mishnah (Oral Law) which was created by Hillel and his followers. The Mishnah was later written down and incorporated into the Talmud. Read what the Talmud says about homosexuality. Would Jesus quote from a tradition He was opposed to? Why did he quote from the Mishnah so many times if he had no respect for that oral tradition? Jesus was a classical Hillelite and followed the Mishnah. Jesus was a Jew who believed in the Mishnah, which condemns male homosexuality as a major sin.

  3. Kendoll May 14, 2023 at 12:46 pm - Reply

    I loved it! I thought it was a powerful way to explain the truth that so many of us refuse to see or are so ready to reject. We need members who are willing to proclaim these truths that Jesus Christ taught and not be afraid to. We do live in a culture where we are encouraged to embrace the gospel of your own truth, rather than embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  4. Sandy Phillips June 2, 2023 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    I don’t pay much attention to the Mormon Church anymore, but once in a while a Mormon Stories episode will pop up, and today I was intrigued. We were taught in the Church that Jesus was chosen to be the Savior, because Satan’s plan was to force us to be good and return to Heavenly Father . . . but it seems that the Jesus of Mormonism is a master of extortion – be good (pay your tithing, do all the things) or you’ll be cut off from Heavenly Father. How is that any better than Satan’s plan? It’s taken me many years to get far enough away from the brainwashing of Mormonism to realize it’s just a corporation pretending to be a church, and it’s all just made up, straight from the imagination of Joseph Smith and all the greedy, seedy leaders who followed him.

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