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  1. Paul talked about his family connection to Snelgrove’s Ice Cream, an anchor in the Sugarhouse District of Salt Lake City. That part of the City has significantly changed over the years yet the signature “Snelgrove” signage, a huge double ice cream cone beside the street, remains a benchmark along 2100 South Street.

  2. I really connected with your story Paul. I appreciate your insights and the way you interpret Christianity. From my studies of the new testament and near death experiences, what really is important is being kind to others, being loving to our family, friends, and all those we come into contact with. Everyone should be a little better off because of us. I also like what you said that if God is love then Christ is love as Christ is one with the Father (at-one-ment). Their goal is in my opinion for all us to be at one with the father and the way is love (Christ). I agree the bible is written in allegory and not to be taken literally but to take away principles to live a better life. Organized religion misses the meaning of Christ’s words and instead introduces corporate like structures and hierarchy, and rites and ordinances, and mediators to God which are all unnecessary and conflicts with what we know of Christ. Thanks again Paul for your story, your music, your perspective, and example. My condolences for the loss of your brother by the way.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Paul. Amazing ! II lived across the street from your parents when the twins were born. Your dad was my first scout master. He was great. I remember the twins walking down the hall at church in their matching snow suits, they looked like pink easter eggs waddling along. Your dad probably won’t remember me but tell him Hi from Danny Boyle on Sahara Drive and thanks so much for your story. Quite amazing

  4. I served under Calving R Stephens in the San Bernardino Mission as well. So Paul and I served at or nearly at the same time. Stephens seemed to have so many answers, and I approached it so much as Paul described. I loved when he would “unlock the scriptures.” I remember taking it all so seriously.

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