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We discuss Ruby Franke’s recent guilty plea for abusing her children and read excerpts from the plea deal, which contains disturbing details of kicking, choking, and even holding them underwater. Franke admits her actions were “morally and legally wrong.”

The hosts analyze how Franke justified the @buse by claiming God wanted her to discipline her son. They discuss how some Mormon teachings can distort views on “morality” and discipline.

The hosts argue the Mormon church needs to take some responsibility by re-examining certain teachings that may enable abuse by followers. They believe the church can help prevent similar tragedies through reforms and speaking out against domestic violence.


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  1. Ann Heydt December 23, 2023 at 10:49 am - Reply

    Please…to me..even if she does provide testimony against Jodi H….Ruby MUST serve a bunch of time behind bars! Who put the honey & pepper on his wounds? Who hogtied him, put the duct tape on? Who refused him food and water? Who called him names and worse? Even if she didn’t participate in every injury..she was there and she is his MOTHER! Being remorseful and sad now is not an excuse. Many criminals are sorry afterwards..many have been duped or under the influence of other people in their lives. The psychological wounds of the mother’s complicity warrants many many years behind bars!!

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