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Good evening, and welcome as we bring you the latest news and stories that matter to the Latter-day Saint community. We have an exciting lineup for you tonight. Tonight we will cover the announcement of new apostle Patrick Kearon. We then turn our attention to the political landscape with breaking news and commentary about Attorney General Sean Reyes. And our last top story revolves around nationwide showing of Mormon cinematic flick “The Oath”

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  1. red-ite ep700MS January 15, 2024 at 6:39 pm - Reply

    I am surprised you guys so under-rate the movie the Oath. Given the budget restraints and the fact the that Moroni’s writings & life are seen as historical inspirational fact. While others see it as a poor fictional tale. If Bill Reel wrote the story I imagine there would be big scene of the library in the Hill Cumorah with all the records Mormon made his abridgement from. And the Sword of Laban, and the “Brass Plates” and more than a glimpse of how the gold pages are made. If RFM wrote the story he would treat it as a comedy/parody. Moroni on a Tapier, with holding a steel bow a his Craftsman’s bag with a cement trowel and ore mining & smelting tools. All the anachronisms he could weave into the story. If John Dehlin wrote the story he would have Moroni meet up with other survivors and create a woke group of homosexuals. Rebecca Bibliotheca I am less familiar with but maybe she could pull together the 2 Cumorah dilemma and have him travel more as the members of the Fellowship of the Ring did always hounded by Orcs (Lamanites). I think you guys should step lightly when criticize other art performers, see how I still hear repetitive rants, ill-placed jokes and sneers, rambling explanations, and over-speaking guests and finishing their sentences. I liked the movie and gave it a mild approaval

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