1767: Mormon Sexual Shame and Abuse – Jared and Ashley Jones Pt 1

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Discover the heart-wrenching story of Jared and Ashley Jones as they bravely shed light on the sensitive issue of child abuse within the Mormon community. In this eye-opening interview, they delve into Jared’s Mormon upbringing and the damaging effects of constant messages about pornography and sexual sin. Uncover the cycle of shame and guilt that Jared experienced, including the inappropriate questioning by Bishops and the downplaying of their own childhood sexual abuse. Gain insight into the failures of the church and family system in addressing and protecting victims. Explore the profound impact of Mormon sexual shame on their marriage and the punitive measures they faced when seeking help. Don’t miss this powerful discussion on the far-reaching consequences of spiritual abuse within Mormonism.

1768: When the Mormon Church Protects Your Child’s Abuser: Jared and Ashley Jones Pt. 2

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In Part 2 of this eye-opening interview, Jared and Ashley Jones courageously share their experiences with child abuse within the Mormon community and the disturbing lengths to which leaders will go to protect abusers, even at the expense of victims. They recount the heart-wrenching journey that ensued after discovering sexual abuse allegations involving the teen son of a Bishopric member. Despite their efforts to seek justice and protect others, they faced resistance from church leaders who prioritized the reputation of the church and the experiences of the abuser’s family over the safety and well-being of the families of his many victims time and time again. As Jared and Ashley shed light on the systemic failures and manipulations they encountered to silence and discredit them, they offer insights into the urgent need for change within the Mormon church. Don’t miss this thought-provoking conversation that delves into the complexities of abuse, power dynamics, and the call for accountability.

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