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  1. They’re asking questions of young boys and girls that members were not permitted to ask of Joseph Smith as an adult. I’m beginning to wonder if the second anointing was
    instituted for the sole purpose of avoiding questions and interviews.

  2. Sam, I don’t know how President Nelson is going to show up on Sunday when he has Special Devotional Fireside over at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – which will basically serve as a Regional Conference for everyone in the Toronto Region and abroad. My suggestion is that he show up today or tomorrow at the latest.

    Unless the Spirit tells him to show up. It’s not likely that he will, but your fast is touching people. May the spot light continue.

  3. Sam you are doing God’s work. It is very sad that the church leaders are not acting Christ like. At the same time the President of the church makes a demand to omit nickname Mormon. The church is such a mess, it’s disgusting. I am looking forward to see how the church of Fear and risk is going to handle this.

  4. This problem should be at the top of the list. This needs to be addressed NOW, this very second and shame on the Church leaders for putting their heads in the sand. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on them!!!!!!!!

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