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  1. Donating today (after several years lapse…sorry) as a thank you for highlighting a story like this. Mormon lesbians just don’t get enough air time!
    I was in a very similar situation. I am about 5-10 years removed from it and related to much of their experience.

    I have a say, I was a little bugged by several repetitive questions from John and Cara toward the end of Part 2 (but what about the children?) I get playing devil’s advocate, but the ladies answered the question the first time.

  2. Enjoyed this episode very much. Beautiful love story. I’ve been out of the church for many years and am always bewildered as to why a lot of people who leave begin to swear so much?

  3. One thing I hear a lot but don’t know if we ever discuss on Mormon Stories in general (approx 2:20 of E1 here) is how most missionaries and members try bringing people in and truly believe in the church, but have no clue about the history of the church. I was a TBM that served a mission, while I heard things, I was told to fear anti-Mormon influence and materials because they are “lies.” I never questioned the JS story because I really believed it was true based on the information I had at that time….now 25 years later I see where I just did not know how to think critically for myself. I really think there are SO MANY TBM because they do not have or have not looked at the information out of fear. We are taught to fear education outside of the church because it is the “philosophies of men mingled with scripture.” We are taught satans plan was to take the choice from people, yet the church/members preach that we must follow the plan and not be educated and think or choose for ourselves. This is the biggest thing I struggle with especially now as an educated person who is no longer a member. Anyways, I love this story! Recently out myself, I can relate so much to Sal’s experiences!

  4. Can you share the link to the video they referenced in part 2, the one they saw on YouTube with different people from different religions bearing their testimonies?

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