Join Margi and John for our next episode of Thrive Stories tomorrow, Tuesday May 24th, at noon (MST). Marc Oslund will be joining us in the studio! Marc spent most of his young adult life and the entirety of his time in the Mormon church trying to fit in. After converting to Mormonism, Marc’s tendency to be hard on himself grew into scrupulosity–a form of religious OCD that made his self-worth plummet. Marc began to believe that he was never good enough–a belief that took a steep toll on his mental health. After years of suffering, Marc acquired skills that aligned with principles of innate worth, shame resilience, mindfulness, self-compassion that allowed him to overcome his scrupulosity. This episode conveys Marc’s experience ending the hustle to find worth and the lessons learned in the process of coming home to himself.

Disclaimer: although Marc is a mental health professional and therapeutic principles are conveyed in this episode, this not meant to be considered mental health treatment or professional advice.

Thrive Stories is a new podcast series where Margi (alongside John or Jenn) will be interviewing a member of the community twice per month. The interviews will be shorter (1-2 hours), story-based, but will be focused on a particular aspect of healing and growth AFTER a Mormon faith crisis (thus the THRIVE name). They will happen on Tuesdays at noon (MST). Some examples of areas of thriving include: Family Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Finding Community, Finding Meaning/Purpose, Dealing with Grief/Death, Religion after Mormonism, Health Sexuality, Parenting, Improving Physical Health, Identity, Health Marriage/Relationships, Secular Spirituality, Word of Wisdom 2.0, and Women Finding Their Own Voice after Mormonism. If you would like to nominate someone you know who would be a great candidate for a THRIVE interview, please nominate them (or yourself) HERE.

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  1. Lizbet June 20, 2022 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    Really enjoyed this episode. Leaving the LDS church was huge for my mental health. I have moderate OCD (undiagnosed until adulthood) with anxiety and depression, and I think I really latched onto the LDS church when I got active as a teen, with its defined life plan and steps to perfection. However, no matter what I did, it was never enough, and every sin had me yelling at myself in the mirror for being so disgusting. When I left, one of my kids was 10, and a couple years later started showing signs of more significant OCD/anxiety/depression. Fortunately, he never got to Young Men’s and had all the shaming lessons. Mental health is hard enough to deal with without adding religious perfectionism and guilt on top of it. So glad we are all out.

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