1708: Giving God Another Chance – Carol Lynn Pearson Pt. 1

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Carol Lynn Pearson is an amazing woman and still-active member of the Church who has done more advocacy for feminism and LGBTQ rights than any other member and for far longer through her songs, books, poetry, speaking engagements and other appearances (even Oprah)!
Carol Lynn Pearson is the example and embodiment of pure love. Anyone would do well to follow her example. 
In today’s episode, Carol describes how she finds both feminine and masculine traits in the divine, and in such a lovely way that even hard-core atheists can find beauty and inspiration in her thoughts.

1709: Staying in the Mormon Church – Carol Lynn Pearson Pt. 2

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Carol discusses ways that she has enabled herself mentally and spiritually to stay in the Church, despite periods of inactivity and varying levels of hope. Has she gone through a “faith crisis” as many know it? What did she keep and what has she thrown away? Why does she stay?

How does Carol feel she makes a difference by staying in and also how and why has she been able to avoid excommunication, a common fate for those who undertake advocacy in the Church and come under the ire of leadership?


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  1. Anon December 19, 2022 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    Love the interview, and the discussion towards the end about gender is interesting. If you’ve got time, take a listen to Patton Oswalt’s perspective

  2. Robert M. Hodge December 26, 2022 at 9:11 am - Reply

    Why? Has anything really changed to give new credibility to the Church’s Truth Claims? Has archeological evidence been found to support the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Have we found out that the rest of the papri have been found with Abrahams signature? Has Smiths lies about his polygamy been found out to wrong? Do we now know that the sun borrows its light from a governing star? Is Miscegnation no longer worth of death, as Brigham Young said that it would be forever? Is the “temporal age of the earth” scientifically been determined to be only seven thousand years? Was there no death on this planet until Adam? Did the earth get covered in water high enough to wash over the top of Mount Everest? And above all is coffee or tea consumption worthy of keeping you out of a temple repleate with plagerized restatements of Masonic symbolism?

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