Join Margi and John for our next episode of Thrive Stories this coming Tuesday at noon (MST). Come listen and participate in the conversation as we talk to Holly Ashton Wallin. Holly will talk about the role of passion in her life, beginning as a young girl where she was a dreamer, a lover and a fighter. She will take us through how she lost herself along the way–and with that, her passion. Holly eventually came to experience the loss of her marriage, her faith, her career path, and her health. Witness how Holly rebuilt her identity and her life after loss by connecting back to that fire within. What does it mean to live “a life on fire?” Join us to find out!

Thrive Stories is a new podcast series where Margi (alongside John or Jenn) will be interviewing a member of the community twice per month. The interviews will be shorter (1-2 hours), story-based, but will be focused on a particular aspect of healing and growth AFTER a Mormon faith crisis (thus the THRIVE name). They will happen on Tuesdays at noon (MST). Some examples of areas of thriving include: Family Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Finding Community, Finding Meaning/Purpose, Dealing with Grief/Death, Religion after Mormonism, Health Sexuality, Parenting, Improving Physical Health, Identity, Health Marriage/Relationships, Secular Spirituality, Word of Wisdom 2.0, and Women Finding Their Own Voice after Mormonism.

If you would like to nominate someone you know who would be a great candidate for a THRIVE interview, please nominate them (or yourself) here.

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One Comment

  1. Susan Bernstein, supporter April 19, 2022 at 8:59 pm - Reply

    Why can’t interviewees and at times, interviewers (Mormons?) speak definitively without inserting “like” into every friggin phrase? Why this constant hedge? “I was like, life was so busy?” (Was life busy or just “like” busy? Does one feel “like” safer or actually safer?) Similarly, is every experience a “kind of” experience?
    It is difficult to listen to these excessive verbal ticks. Equivocation is one thing, but excessively tentative statements make me wonder if we really need, like, two hours to, like, tell, like, a story, kind of about, like, sort of, (otherwise) “you know”, what we’re talking about.
    Please think about this. Practice with a buzzer. 🙏.

    This broadcast is profoundly important and courageous. So my one request/suggestion is to further boost those great production values with cleaner speech. (A pause with silence is also moving). When you guys get rolling, you are beautifully articulate, spectacularly incisive and insightful. 👍

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