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Stacey Harkey, formerly part of the original cast of BYU TV’s Studio C, is known as an actor, writer, personal trainer, and for his involvement with Diversity Equity and Inclusion training and consulting in Equality Utah. Stacey shares his journey as a black and gay convert to the LDS Church. He navigated code-switching between Mormonism and Baptist culture, eventually questioning the Church’s teachings about race. Returning to BYU after serving a mission to Brazil, he finally felt more comfortable and accepting of his identity. Stacey advocates for understanding and nuance, emphasizing that anger is not an effective way to create change. His story of self-discovery and resilience offers hope and inspiration to those facing similar struggles.

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One Comment

  1. Scott Davis August 22, 2023 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    This was really a great interview with Stacey Harkey.
    I am a white, straight, life-long
    member of the Church.
    Thanks so much Stacey for helping me see what a struggle it is to be a minority,
    marginalized, person in our
    religious community of Latter-day Saints. I can’t begin to articulate my comments as well as you did in this interview. I think Bishops and other leaders play such a big role in giving advice. Compassion and empathy can
    have such a positive effect versus a condescending attitude toward one’s lifestyle or tendencies. My mother had cancer a number of years ago and was unable to attended Church for several months while she underwent some intense therapy. Her Temple recommend was expiring during that time and she wanted to keep it current.
    The Bishop stated that he wanted her
    to come back to Church for
    a few weeks before he would consider it. While she was hurt by this, she understood the Bishop was just trying to do the best he could, even though I thought that decision could have been handled more kindly.
    I appreciated Stacey’s honesty
    and his authenticity of his self worth. The loss of self worth
    being dictated by others is what is so dangerous.
    Thanks Stacey for helping me see things from your perspective.

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