Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Practice is Indisputable w/ Radio Free Mormon | Ep. 1797

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In this intriguing interview with John Dehlin and Radio Free Mormon, we delve into the contentious topic of Joseph Smith’s polygamy. We start by questioning the need to discuss Smith’s polygamy and encounter neo-fundamentalist Mormons asserting it was a scheme. The 1980s saw the Community of Christ church retracting their stance on Smith’s polygamy. A caller on Mormonism LIVE claims Smith wasn’t a polygamist, raising the pivotal question: Was he truly one? Historians unanimously agree he was.

Examining contemporary evidence, including the Nauvoo Expositor, we see a mosaic of affidavits and records debunking theories of D&C 132 being a forgery. The interview tackles apologetic tactics in the face of such evidence, uncovering the truth behind Joseph Smith’s complex history. Tune in to unravel the mysteries surrounding Joseph Smith’s polygamy and witness the uncovering of undeniable truths.


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1 thought on “Joseph Smith’s Polygamy Practice is Indisputable w/ Radio Free Mormon | Ep. 1797”

  1. Robert M. Hodge

    Did smith practice polygamy. Is the Pope Catholic. Hid did and also polyandry and concubinage. The evidence is overwhelming. But the question is was any of that God sanctioned? The answer to that is so obvious it is not even a good question.

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