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  1. John, on your podcast on Cults you gave an outcome with scores divided from (a) to (f). My score was 70. You didn’t express what the outcome meant. I’m convinced the Mormon church has many cultish elements. I would like to know the level of cultish-ness my score represents. My guess is that you will discuss the score outcomes on another podcast.

    Interesting podcast. Thank you.

  2. I just finished listening to Was I raised in a Cult. I left the LDS church 4 years ago and lost my marriage of almost 25 years. I was LDS my whole life and all in. I served a mission, graduated from BYU, married in the Temple, and served in many callings including YW president. I started to really question things as I saw doctrine changing over time, and polygamy never sat well with me. Soon I felt less and less comfortable in church and started to disagree with some of the political issues I saw the church aligning itself with ie: prop 8 in California. As soon as I discovered there was doctrine purposely hid from it’s members that was harming to the church, I was out. I had my name removed through quitmormon. I still struggle with the indoctrination. I listen to RFM, Bill Reel, and you. I took the cult quiz and the church got a 98%. I’m grateful there is support out there

  3. I scored a two for every question, so that means 68/68, 100%, meaning that according to this assessment, the LDS Church is a Cult from my experience. I love how these questions can be applied to a lot of different organizations and relationships.

  4. I scored an 88%. I am 71 years old and I’m now discovering things about the Mormon Church I don’t like. It makes me very sad that I scored so high this is something I’ve been involved in for many many years. And have given my whole heart. But I find myself doubting and had to do my research. I will continue with my research and find out the truth about the church. I probably will be ridiculed for what I’m doing but that’s okay.

  5. 57/68=84% for my life experience having grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It probably took me about 4 years (beginning in 2016) to slowly deconstruct on my own without reading any of the available alternative narrative literature available. At that point I asked for a release from my calling in the bishopric while I weighed things out. When COVID hit, I suddenly had a whole bunch of time to myself, and that’s when I started discovering podcasts and books including Steven Hassan’s, Combatting Cult Mind Control. In November 2020 I told my wife I could not in good conscience carry on with my support for the Church. The damaging aspects of Church membership are so difficult to see or acknowledge when you’re ‘in’. Now that I’m not, it’s crystal clear to me that the Church is indeed a high-demand religion with striking similarities to other religious organizations that TBM’s would identify as cults. I’m excited for Luna Lindsey Corbden week and the discussion around this very helpful work. Thank you for putting this all together John.

  6. Damn. Literally 100%. 🤦‍♀️ As a member, I would occasionally hear criticisms about some of this stuff being unhealthy, but I scoffed. One of those thought-stopping clichés was the idea that every church or social group behaved this way, or that this is the way our hearts are opened, or that the only valid image of unhealthy is if we’re so extreme that we live in the woods in a compound literally praying to the leader. Yikes… I took notes, and looking back over this list, every social group definitely does not behave like this. Understanding frameworks like this and the BITE Model need to be part of common discourse. So many people have no idea what a manipulation red flag looks like… I definitely would have had NO idea if I hadn’t been trying to make sense of my experience in Mormonism. (And in the ten years between stopping attending and actually looking into it, I got into a huge number of bad situations because I was conditioned to think manipulative behavior was normal, or even loving.) Thank you so much for helping spread this information.

  7. I scored 69 on my long membership with the LDS church. On some of the questions, I would have scored “3’s” for added exclamation and emphasis.

  8. Folks, now take it again only substitute the government and it’s rhetoric and actions since Covid19 began.. Excepting love bombing and demand for purity and maybe one or two others, it’s all there! We are living in a much bigger cult than any religion. Wake UP!!

  9. LDS Church (California and Utah) 76% = D. Considering the near microscopic size of the LDS church relative to global populations, any reasonable mind would conclude that the mainstream LDS church is a cult. Maybe we are in the middle of a great reformation and cultural shift that reduces the “cultiness” of the church over the next 50 years. Maybe in 50 years the church will rate B or A on the scale.

  10. Thank you for this!
    My score was 75% for my LDS church experience in Germany. Although I have been out of it for ca. 10 years now the thinking patterns of self-blaming and feeling inadequate are still there and I have to proactively think against them everytime they come up. I am glad to raise my son in a free environment and to let him develop his personality without being influenced by any religious doctrine, only humanity.

  11. 65% LDS. I think my open-minded upbringing and personal experiences influenced this score. I’m so grateful I was raised to be a critical thinker! Losing my job from losing my faith definitely influenced my view as well.

  12. John, this is just amazing!!!!!! I have been out of the church for many years but the damage still bubbles up and stares me in the face. I will be struggling with this for the rest of my life as my score is way over 100. I bought the book and will be studying.
    Thank you so much

  13. Even though I am not a member of the Mormon/LDS church anymore (completely stopped going in 2015, officially resigned in 2019), I tried to be objective and fair, I tried to give the church the benefit of the doubt.

    I thought about my own personal experiences and observations of the more than 25 years that I was a believing member.

    Before anyone even thinks about arguing with me or criticizing me, read that again: I thought about MY OWN personal experiences and observations. Not two members have the same exact experience; everybody experiences and understands things differently. So nobody has the right to tell anybody that their experiences are wrong or invalid.

    For the most part I didn’t realize it at the time (although I did recognize some of those things mentioned on the question list while I was an active believing member, even while doing the endowment rituals in the temple), but retrospectively I can see with overwhelming clarity that everything mentioned on the question list, every single item on there, scores a 2 and would even score 3 or higher if that were an option. My score was 68 out of 68, and I’m honestly not the least surprised or shocked.

    So my genuine conclusion about my 25+ year experience as a member of the Mormon/LDS Church is that I most definitely was actually in a CULT – not a loving, Christ-like, God-sanctioned, charitable “religion” like some people like to believe.

    Again, no two people have the same exact experience, so I will not waste any time defending myself or arguing with anybody about my conclusion, and I don’t care about whatever judgments anyone wants to cast on me for it.

    I don’t fault people that are still members of that cult, but in a way I feel bad for them because they are unable to recognize all the signs that are there that show they are in a cult, or if they do recognize those signs, they don’t want to admit it for whatever reason.
    I don’t think they are weak or uneducated, by any means, and a lot of them are good people. I just feel like they are victims of a broken system and are victims of indoctrination.

  14. 100 % F John. My story is very painful. I was told I could not use birth control, I was very young, my mother did not help me. A very long 24 years…and a marital rape.

  15. I’ve been member of the Baha’i Faith for over 30 years. It scored an A with a score of just 7, and most of those 7 points were stretches. Although I like the people and the ideals, there are other reasons why I drifted away from it.

  16. I was raised in the Nazarene Church, sort of a generic evangelical Christian church. 78%. Barely a D.
    It’s easy to hear about some other religions that, at least from the outside, seem more intense that might make generic Christianity seem “okay.” But at the end of the day, the Christianity I was raised with does all of the same stuff, but the demands for things like finances and proselytizing are all still there, it’s just a little more implicit than explicit, or a little more anonymous. Like, they can’t say things like “Do everything we say or you’re going to Hell” and still be a healthy organization.

  17. 85%, born and raised in the LDS church. I only gave a 0 on one question, and I chalk that up to me growing up in a community where I never knew anyone who wasn’t an active Mormon until high school.

  18. No surprise that Mormonism scores so high, but beyond the standard BITE model stuff, Mormonism has something even other high demand religions don’t, and that’s super creepy, super secret cult ceremonies. That decides it. Hands down, Mormonism is very much a cult!!

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