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  1. I always enjoy listening to Lynn Packer. He has such interesting stories about Mormonism.

    Lynn makes a very perceptive observation comparing faith based views vs science based views.

  2. My grandmother, an English immigrant, lived in Davis County her entire 98 years. She also drank Sanka, made rootbeer, using a yeast base ( not dry ice), and had her afternoon tea every day. She was also an active, in-good-standing, serving member and temple worker. The church, up to my teen years was VERY different than the hyper-scrupulous church it is today. The smell of coffee in the morning was common in the homes of her rural community. They attended to more important concerns. I am familiar with downtown Brigham City, enjoying Idle Cafe sandwiches in the booth seating as a kid. It is fun to hear Mr. Packer give an overview of his childhood.

    1. Yes, rootbeer made with yeast and NOT dry ice. My grandmother in Logan used to make this all the time. We even made it sometimes. My grandparents also drank coffee daily through the 80s-90s with temple recommends.

  3. I have only listened to this first one while remodeling my bathroom, but I have absolutely loved it. I come from a combination of strong mormon families that have long had big get togethers and Mormonism was always such a central foundation of that. So it felt sort of nostalgic listening to parts. Lynn is a great story teller and just super likeable sounding. Interesting to hear about a side of Packer that is so unfamiliar. One thing that sticks out to me, is the possibility that some of these leaders can be more relaxed and open than we realize, but the rigid image they portray to members makes those members model that rigidity that might not even exist among some of those leaders. Kind of tragic. If they were just themselves up on the stand then maybe more members would feel more comfortable being themselves as well.

    Enjoying it immensely and just wanted to say thanks for doing these interviews with Lynn.

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