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  1. Hi Kyle, I have had ulcerative colitis for close to a decade now. I can’t imagine trying to deal with that on a mission, especially with the limited medical treatments available at the time. Happy to hear yours in remission. Best wishes for that to continue. My has been manageable for years now, thanks to Asacol and then Lialda. I haven’t had Predisone for a very long time, which I’m grateful for.

  2. This is one of the best and most important MSPs ever!!! I wish the church would wake up to what their centuries-old teachings on sexuality, particularly masturbation, have done to people. I am in my sixties and my life was put on a bad trajectory by the time I was 16 because of this and it never really recovered. Relationships and marriage were sabotaged because of this. Finally at this stage of life I found good therapy to help me put it all in perspective.

    I mean I discovered masturbation because of how I loved the feeling I got when my good priesthood FATHER touched me like that. Then when I found out I was sinning, the shame consumed me. I was WELL into adulthood before I really realized that my father had sexually abused me. Then that was more shame I carried because I thought that was my fault too. Good god, they finally have people like Natasha Helfer who could help people like us, who dared speak about how many people these teachings have damaged, who could challenge them to do better, and they have to silence her. My life would have been so different if I’d had someone like her to talk to in my youth. Or anytime through my years. Instead my bishops, the only people I talked to, compounded the problems. Thank you Kyle and Neesha for your courage to do what you do. Please people, keep speaking out. For my grandchildren who are now LDS teens!

  3. Given what we now know about who the real Joseph Smith was (someone morally bankrupt who was a criminal, charlatan, scam artist and deceiver) as well as what the ‘church’ really is (an obscenely wealthy, highly corrupt, tax-free real estate corporation masquerading as a religion), being ex’d nowadays is a badge of honor!

  4. Great interview, thanks very much to all three of you!

    One thing though, in the midst of all the conversation about Kyle’s mission, no one ever mentioned where he went. At least I’m pretty sure they didn’t. I know it could be said it doesn’t matter, but as a member listening to people discussing Mormon missions I always think it helps my perspective to know where the mission took place.

  5. This was a very touching, amazing story. I’m the nuanced, still figuring it out Mormon. I’m grateful for how they explained there belief in the church. This was the first time I heard it explained this way and felt I could relate. I was also from a very poor, divorced messed up family. Church and Jesus Christ was everything growing up in my very small Mormon, judging community. I hate that it has to be so hard. Thank for all you do and sharing these stories and especially those who are strong enough to share their story.

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