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    1. When I was at BYU-Idaho it was about 50-50. It really depended on the professor if we had a prayer or not. Some of my professors (mostly in my religion classes) even had us start with a hymn along with the prayer.

  1. David,

    In Part II, early into this section, Lindsey talks about writing opinion pieces for The Scroll. In particular, one on dating. She mentions the negative response she received from men at BYU, when she wrote that after saying no to a date, it wasn’t okay to keep coming back five or six times, to show up at her door with flowers, and to stare meaningfully at her in sacrament meeting. (sorry I screwed up on reading the timing mark on the tape for this)

    This specifically caught my attention as in other interviews men mention not taking no for an answer and believing it was okay to continue trying until they got what they wanted, one even acknowledging his behavior as stalking in a joking manner.

  2. Hi, John Dehlin says in the part 1 he’ll put up a link to the Bell Hooks pdf, and in part 2 he says he’ll put up a link to personal blog post about why she walked out of her religion class.

    I found Bell Hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody

    I would also love to read the blog post titled something like Why I Walked Out of My Religion Class Today. Link please?

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