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  1. These are fantastic – Biggest problem I am having with them…. I’m listening via podcast whiling doing projects or work – I want to shift and re-listen with a pad of paper and pencil.
    #1303 – at about one hour eight minutes John talks about how we tend to defend our position. Imagine the change and growth we could reach if we could defend the right for the other’s, spouse or person, to have that different perspective and belief. Imagine the lesson that would be to a child as you step in to teach understanding and empathy of respect for other people and their beliefs. Natasha builds on that with the idea that this is the healthy out look to have in a situation of divorce. The parents are still the parents of the child and the children don’t need or deserve having parents bash or bad talk the other in front of or to the kids. Perhaps you still believe deeply in religion [mormonism] but your spouse / relative / friend no longer does – can you support and defend their faith adjustment to someone that might be attacking it.
    thank you John and Natasha

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