Isaiah & Mormonism – David Bokovoy Pt. 5 | Ep. 1881

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David Bokovoy delves into Isaiah’s significance in Mormon scripture, prophecy, and current events with an emphasis on understanding biblical prophets as social critics, not predictors of distant future events. We discuss scholarly debates on Isaiah’s authorship and anachronistic references like brass plates, clarifying that the writings of Isaiah as known today did not exist in Isaiah’s time.

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1 thought on “Isaiah & Mormonism – David Bokovoy Pt. 5 | Ep. 1881”

  1. Robert M Hodge

    On the Brass plates issue, there is only about 100 years between when Lehi leaves (600BC) and when scholars generally agree that the brass alloy was invented (500BC). So not much of a smoking gun there it seems.

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