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671-672: Amy McPhie Allebest, Author of “Dear Mormon Man, Tell Me What You Would Do”


Amy McPhie Allebest is a lifelong member of the Church, a returned missionary, a temple-married wife and mother of four, a writer, and a graduate student at Stanford University. Last month, her article “Dear Mormon Man, Tell Me What You Would…

624: Kate Kelly on Life After Excommunication, Safe Sex, and Women’s Reproductive Rights


In this Mormon Stories Live! episode recorded at Club/Cafe at 50 West on March 9, 2016, I interviewed Kate Kelly about the following: Life since her excommunication, including her divorce from Neil Ransom and her new relationship with Jack Waters.…

614-615: Reviewing 2015 with Lindsay Hansen Park, Dr. Gina Colvin, Sean Carter, and Dr. Kristy Money


As parts 3 and 4 in our series reviewing the events of Mormonism in 2015, we assemble another all-star panel including Lindsay Hansen Park, Dr. Gina Colvin, Dr. Kristy Money, and Sean Carter. Some of the topics discussed included: The…

599: Mindy Gledhill Discusses her Mormon Faith Transition


This podcast is Part 3 of a Mormon Stories and A Thoughtful Faith Collaboration. Mindy Gledhill is an American indie pop music singer-song writer. She has five albums, the Sum of all Grace, Anchor, Winter Moon and Pocketful of Poetry and has collaborated…

580: Reviewing the Mother in Heaven LDS Essay


In today’s episode a wonderful panel of women review the recent LDS Church “Mother in Heaven” essay.  Panelists include: Jamie Hanis Handy, Natasha Helfer Parker, Dr. Kristy Money, and Carol Lynn Pearson.

576-578: LDS General Conference October 2015 Review – Three More White Males from Utah and the Ponderize Fiasco


In this episode an EPIC panel reviews the October 2015 General Conference wherein: The LDS Church misses an incredibly important opportunity to fill 3 vacancies in the quorum of the 12 with a person of color, and instead selects (again)…

551: Lindsay Hansen Park’s Year of Polygamy


In this episode we interview Lindsay Hansen Park about the completion of her Year of Polygamy podcast project.

548-550: Kristy Money and the High Price of Mormon Activism


Dr. Kristy Money is impressive on so many levels. She graduated from BYU at age 19, completing a Ph.D. in counseling psychology at age 25 (dissertation on LDS suicide) She serves on the Ordain Women board of directors as a co-founder of OW,…

488-490: Neil Ransom and Kate Kelly – After Kate’s Excommunication


In this three-part series we interview Neil Ransom (Kate Kelly’s husband, and Ph.D. candidate in anthropology) and we speak with Kate about her excommunication and the aftermath. Some of the fascinating tidbits we explore: Neil’s early years growing up in Africa…

459: Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin by Nicole Hardy


In this podcast, Heather Olson Beal interviews Nicole Hardy, author of the stunningly beautiful memoir, Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin, with readers and fans Claire, Mel, and Maren. From amazon.com: When Nicole Hardy’s eye-opening “Modern Love” column appeared in the…

458: Ordain Women Spring 2014


On April 5th, 2014 Ordain Women will again be seeking entrance into the LDS General Conference Priesthood session.  Details can be found here.  In this episode we interview Nadine Hansen, Kimberly Brinkerhoff, Katie Hyde, and Debra Jenson about their participation…

455: Mormon Women Have Their Say


In this podcast, Heather Olson Beal interviews three essayists who contributed to the book Mormon Women Have Their Say: Essays from the Claremont Oral History Collection: Caroline Kline (who also co-edited the book with Dr. Claudia Bushman), Anna Rolapp, and…

445a-445b: Ordain Women Concluding Dialogue (For Now)


        To conclude our series on the Ordain Women project (you can find part 1 here, and part 2 here), we bring together Kate Kelly, Heather Olson Beal, Neylan McBaine and Sara Vraneš for a concluding dialogue. We’d like to…

443-444: Alternative Feminist Approaches to Ordain Women


In this 2-part series, Fiona Givens, Maxine Hanks, Margaret Young, and Neylan McBaine discuss alternative Feminist approaches to the Ordain Women movement. * Maxine’s photo by Justin Hackworth Photography. P.S.  Here is a video attempting to explain what the Ordain Women think…

442: Ordain Women General Conference Priesthood Event Pt. 1 – The Participants


In part 1 of a three-part series, we discuss the Ordain Women-planned event on 10/5/2013 to attend the LDS general conference priesthood session.  Participants include Heather Olson Beal, Ann Marie Whittaker, Tinesha Zandamela, and Lorie Winder Stromberg — all of whom participated in…

440: Mormon News Review – Ordain Women, Steve and Barb Young’s LGBT Support, and LDS Religious Freedom


On this inaugural episode of Mormon News Review we have: Kate Kelly (founder of Ordain Women) discussing the LDS church’s recent response to OW’s attempts to attend the upcoming priesthood session of LDS general conference. Panel: Ralph Hancock (Right), Tom…

392-395: Ralph Hancock – Critic of Mormon Liberalism


Dr. Ralph C. Hancock is a professor of political science at Brigham Young University.  He holds a B.A. and an M.A. from BYU and a Ph.D. from Harvard University, and teaches classes on American and French political history as well…

366-367: Joanna Brooks – The Book of Mormon Girl

Joanna Brooks - The Book of Mormon Girl

In this episode we interview Joanna Brooks – author of the newly released The Book of Mormon Girl: A Memoir of an American Faith published by Simon & Schuster. In part 1, John interviews Joanna about her book. In part…

300-301: LDS Women and Sexual Desire with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife


This workshop on LDS Women and Sexual Desire was delivered on September 23rd, 2011 by Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. In this presentation, Jennifer speaks to LDS women about the cultural and psychological barriers to sexual desire, as well as how to…