1471: Staying Grounded During Chaotic Moments: with Margi Dehlin

Have you ever found yourself reacting in unhelpful ways to the distress that accompanies a religious faith crisis (or life in general)?

Margi Dehlin has spent two decades supporting and/or coaching Mormons in faith crisis, post-Mormons, and women experiencing significant life transitions.

As part of a new series on Mormon Stories Podcast providing free coaching support to transitioning and post-Mormons, Margi will share her general approach to managing the emotional distress that often accompanies a religious faith crisis. Her framework will be based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a cutting-edge form of mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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  1. THANK YOU for helping me understand what VALUES really are. I can now distinguish my own values and “work” towards them as Margi explained.

    THANK YOU for giving so much of your time and knowledge….. and love!

  2. Absolutely loved this idea and content. I have no problem donating to more of this kind of information. Thank you. More Margi is always a good thing.
    I have a couple of questions. (1) In the roll play where John was the father of the child who broke curfew he asked his child for permission to have an expectation that they call him when they were going to be late. Can I just have that boundary that the child needs to communicate when they are going to be late? Do I need to have permission to have that boundary? What am I sacrificing in the relationship by establishing the boundary without permission? (2) When John talked about values he went through a list of things that WOULD NOT be classified as values. How do you classify what is a value and what is not a value? Some of the things that John listed off as “not values”, I would consider values. Could you please give us more coaching on that subject? (3) I loved the content on the four functions of the brain, specifically when you talked about “stories that we tell ourselves” and how beneficial and harmful they can be. In my relationships, I feel like there is a lot of issues of “stories that we are telling ourselves” rather than actuality. Could you please coach us on the difference between factual truth, the term “my truth” (I have a hard time even knowing what that means), and “stories that we are telling ourselves”?

    Once again, thank you for this content. I look forward to future coaching.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode! I’ve already listened to it twice, LOL! Thank you for creating content geared toward healing and growth. I cannot begin to express how helpful and needed it is!

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