1887: Returning to Mormonism after Falling Away- Summur-Rayn Berrett Pt. 1

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What happens when a multiracial woman raised in a loving family that valued advocacy, positivity, and education joins the Mormon church? Summur’s fascinating journey takes you from her NFL player father desegregating a team, to her mother fiercely protecting her from bullies and racism. Despite nurturing experiences at home, Summur faced harsh judgments and segregationist attitudes at church – a stark contrast that began shaping her doubts. Her path winds through BYU, an African American Studies class that unveiled new perspectives, and a traumatic racist cop incident, before working as a flight attendant and meeting her husband.

With a unique multicultural lens, Summur shares the powerful family influences, eye-opening experiences, and pivotal moments like a young girl’s innocent “Look mommy, a Lamanite” comment that led her to fundamentally question certain Mormon teachings and toxic cultures like purity culture. Prepare for an insightful, thought-provoking journey through the eyes of a Black Mormon woman.

1888: Deconstructing Mormonism in a Mixed-Faith Marriage – Summur-Rayn Berrett Pt. 2

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Just when you thought Summur’s faith transition couldn’t get any more intense, buckle up for a mind-blowing ride in part 2. From uncovering disturbing details in the Gospel Topics Essays that left her questioning everything she knew, to grappling with the church’s dishonesty about its history and finances, to watching her oldest daughter develop scrupulosity, Summur holds nothing back. Her brutally honest account of deconstructing her lifelong beliefs is equal parts heartbreaking and empowering. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as she navigates the challenges of a mixed-faith marriage, learning how to have open and loving discussions despite diverging worldviews. Summur’s raw vulnerability and unrelenting search for truth and meaning will leave you reflecting on your own spiritual journey long after the interview ends.

Contact Summur: summur@burgess4utah.com

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  1. Mike April 18, 2024 at 11:54 am - Reply

    I loved this interview. Summur-Rayn is awesome. I’m pretty much in the same boat as she is right now. My wife knows I have issues with how the church treats LGBTQ folks, but that’s about it. We’ve not talked about the abuse, the SEC or anything about the church’s past.

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