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Get ready for an explosive and unfiltered look at life as a Black student at BYU! Sebastian takes us on a wild ride as he dishes about the viral rise of his “Black Menaces” group, a provocative movement that fearlessly called out racism within Mormon culture. From protests that sparked national headlines to tense confrontations with horrified church leaders like Brad Wilcox, Sebastian holds nothing back. He delves into the trauma of being constantly stared at and “othered” on BYU’s overwhelmingly white campus, receiving vile racist abuse and death threats just for daring to speak truth to power. Sebastian’s story is a raw, unsettling wake-up call about the insidious persistence of racism, even in religious communities that preach love and equality. Get ready to have your perceptions shattered by this bold revolutionary’s refusal to stay silent in the face of oppression.

Black Menaces

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Black Menaces

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