Join us live Tuesday night for a special new regular weeknight segment with John and Carah called ✨Mormon Scoops✨ at 8pm mst! We just heard that Brad Wilcox apologized for the racist statements that he made in his talk to the Alpine youth of the church. We congratulate Brad. In the hours since the talk, the church has removed it from Youtube and Brad apologized on his Facebook page. Carah and John want to dive into the top 10 things that we think are worse than Brad’s actual talk that still need to be addressed! Join us with your questions, comments, and additional information!

Our Understanding Mormonism playlist of Brad Wilcox’s full talk

Our Mormon Stories episode covering Brad Wilcox’s talk

Brad’s same talk in 2020


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  1. ZP April 27, 2022 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    I think the worst thing Brad Wilcox’s wife said to your friend Dr. Dehlin ( I can’t spell his name and I apologize) is that he would be one of the first to drive the nail in Christ’s hand. That is awful.

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