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Kattie & Allan from Marriage on a Tightrope Podcast are back with more great tips for navigating a mixed-faith relationship. This time they are sharing their mistakes to save others from making the same!

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Kattie and Allan Mount

Natasha Helfer

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  1. Steve August 24, 2023 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    It’s been several years since I’ve heard an MS podcast. I’ve been a fan of Allan and Kattie for a while, and I’ve been curious about the new direction of their podcast. My faith crisis/transition happened 15 years ago. Back then, John and Natasha were the only resources available to me and were a tremendous help. But I wish there was someone like Allan and Kattie I could turn to.

    I agree that not sharing with one’s spouse could be a mistake, but I have a slightly different take. I shared what I was learning with my spouse in real-time, and it caused her to freak out and shut down. What I wish I would have done differently at that time would be to stop all the research and focus on improving communication and trust in my marriage. I think a key difference between marriages where both spouses leave simultaneously and a mixed-faith marriage is the level of healthy communication and trust. Both of those things had been lacking in my marriage, and we worked on that later. In retrospect, I think we put the cart before the horse.

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