Today I am honored to share the story of Drew Manning – author, TV star, and founder of the viral brand, “Fit2Fat2Fit.”

In part 1 of Drew’s story, we will discuss, among other things:

  • His upbringing in Mormonism
  • LDS mission in Brazil
  • Marriage & pornography use in a Mormon marriage, followed by the LDS church addiction recovery program
  • Infidelity & divorce
  • Learning about problematic church history & the 2015 LGBT+ exclusion policy
  • The Fit2Fat2Fit story & Drew’s mission to bring empathy to fitness

Part 2 will cover:

  • Healing after a divorce
  • Discovering meditation
  • Finding new wisdom outside of the church
  • Spirituality through psychedelics
  • Fit2Fat2Fit and the identity crisis that followed
  • Drew’s beliefs around God and an afterlife as a post Mormon

Part 1 Show notes:

Part 2 Show Notes:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 1 Timecodes:
6:30 Growing up in a large Mormon family
17:08 Guilt and shame as a teenager
26:00 High school peer pressure
30:43 Rebelling in college then preparing to serve a mission
38:07 Drew’s mission in Brazil
42:20 Attending college and adjusting to post mission life
45:02 Shame parade while preparing to get married
58:03 Drew’s temple experiences
1:02:12 Drew’s fear of admitting his faults
1:03:52 Pornography use in a Mormon marriage
1:10:03 Drew’s affair
1:20:22 Addiction recovery program through the Mormon church
1:27:13 Meeting life coach Kathryn Dixon and realizing his worth
1:30:45 Growing as a person after finding wisdom outside of Mormon teachings
1:34:26 The history of shame and context that led to Drew’s poor decisions
1:45:43 Drew’s exwife Lynn gets in trouble at church for her LGBT support
1:50:26 Learning about problematic church history
1:55:08 The 2015 policy of exclusion cracking Drew’s shelf
2:04:02 Fit2Fat2Fit and Drew’s mission to bring empathy to fitness
2:09:01 Parallels between Drew’s life and business helping people lose weight
2:12:29 Drew’s philosophy on life

Part 2 Timecodes:
5:41 Moving to heal in Hawaii
9:40 Contemplating staying or leaving in the church
11:58 Finding new tools like Meditation
14:26 Positive affirmations
17:00 Gratitude list
18:35 Getting out in nature
19:42 Podcasts and books helping Drew transform into his higher self
23:49 Finding new and better wisdom than church teachings
29:05 Views on parenting
31:11 Drew’s identity and morality without the church
38:28 Developing self love after living life in a shame spiral
42:32 Spirituality through psychedelics
47:45 Ayahuasca and why Drew thrives off of having psychedelic experiences
57:42 Costa Rica inner child experience
1:06:13 Fit2Fat2Fit and the identity crisis that followed
1:18:53 Diet, losing the weight, Keto and recommended exercises
1:26:31 Dealing with emotions when losing weight
1:35:58 Privacy telling parents about divorce, affair, and leaving the church
1:42:24 Pretending vs authenticity
1:48:27 Drew’s beliefs around God and an afterlife as a post Mormon
1:52:14 Purpose of life and Drew’s words of advice for people in a faith transition


  1. Cynthia Roberts May 25, 2021 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    You’re work is so needed. Thanks for this podcast

  2. L. Thomas May 26, 2021 at 5:56 am - Reply

    I love Carah Nuanceho. She is so awesome. Your show is amazing. This episode is amazing. Carah is amazing. Thank you for adding her. I loved the show before but even more with her.

  3. Jimmy July 21, 2021 at 8:25 pm - Reply

    Great podcast! Learned alot about the keto diet and even bought your book! So far my wife and I have lost the most weight we have ever lost! Great diet!

    It’s interviews like this one that make mormonstories so helpful with my exit from the church. The interviews provide ideas for replacing tbm thinking and habits. The interviews on the stoic philosophy and secular Buddhism were also very helpful for building a replacement world view or philosophy of life. Before I was just drifting after I realized the church was a fraud.

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