Join Margi, John, and Carah for the premiere episode of Thrive Stories this coming Tuesday at noon (MST). Get to know Margi as she shares how her journey has allowed her a process of becoming significant to herself and finding her own voice. We hope that you will join us as we introduce Margi, the main interviewer of Thrive Stories by having her share her own Thrive story.

Thrive Stories is a new podcast series where Margi (alongside John and Carah) will be interviewing a member of the community twice per month.  The interviews will be shorter (1-2 hours), story-based, but will be focused on a particular aspect of healing and growth AFTER a Mormon faith crisis (thus the THRIVE name).  They will happen on Tuesdays at noon (MST). Some examples of areas of thriving include:  Family Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Finding Community, Finding Meaning/Purpose, Dealing with Grief/Death, Religion after Mormonism, Health Sexuality, Parenting, Improving Physical Health, Identity, Health Marriage/Relationships, Secular Spirituality, Word of Wisdom 2.0, and Women Finding Their Own Voice after Mormonism.

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Show Notes: 

THRIVE Stories Application form

Margi’s Broken Open essay

Podcast on Nihilism

Noah Rasheta Secular Buddhism episode on groundlessness

Template for Thrive interviews: 

Eckhart Tolle podcasts with Oprah

Margi’s blog “Beauty in the Now”


Timecodes (for video):

00:00 Intro to Thrive stories project 
7:50 The growth areas 
10:00 Domains look like prior to “awakening” 
16:10 John’s unhealthy role 
19:55 Taking everyone’s joy and purpose seriously 
28:20 Roles 
33:30 How is religious orthodoxy not serving you? 
36:30 Pressure on women to have children 
39:20 Belief that I can protect children through righteousness
55:06 Suffering from a direct confrontation with loss of meaning, stability, innocence 
1:02:00 Working on their marriage 
1:09:00 Can’t protect kids 
1:11:50 Margi’s dad’s death 
1:17:00 Burning it down to rebuild 
1:23:00 Impetus for change, dad’s death
1:29:10 Dealing with conflict and trauma 
1:32:00 Margi needing John to move out 
1:37:20 Experiencing loss and grief, caterpillar analogy 
1:41:50 Groundlessness 
1:46:40 Allowing yourself to let go and process loss 
1:51:00 Avoiding grieving, rebuilding with help
1:54:30 Choosing John as he is 
1:57:35 Sharing a world 
2:05:00 Reestablishing trust in yourself 
2:06:40 Other systems at play in the abandonment 
2:12:10 Victory that assisted Margi’s growth 
2:18:00 Books that helped 
2:21:10 Kids hurting, challenges 
2:25:00 How are you today? 
2:29:10 Nike ad of coming into yourself 
2:38:21 Final tips 
2:46:10 New projects


  1. Carole March 28, 2022 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    I really love Margi and she is a very eloquent and awesome person. I relate to much of what she is saying.

  2. Ruby Price December 9, 2022 at 12:44 am - Reply

    Absolutely one of the best podcasts ever!

  3. Deborae Harris Bird August 29, 2023 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    I can relate to Margie’s journey with raising children and being alone in this. I joined the church prior to my marriage and we were blessed with 3 children. That was after I had married prior and had 6 miscarriages. I had always wanted children and had come from abandonment as a child, raised in orphanage and returned to alcoholic mother and her boyfriend who was sexually abusive. My sibling returned 1 year after me from foster care or the orphange. This created the acceptance i had with others. The Mormon church represented family unity and community that was safe.My marriage to an Narcisstic LDS proved, to be the end of the person I was with a voice

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