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  1. Thank you, Margi, for sharing the deepest part of your heart with us. Voices like yours have been rare in the Mormon and post Mormon conversation. While podcasts on history and other subjects are informative, discovering spirituality and peace outside of religion can change lives. I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated.

  2. So incredibly honest and real. Margi, you continue to inspire by sharing your experience with such openess and vulnerability. After listening to you I want to do better. Thank you!

  3. Just finished listening for the second time. Margi, I imagine you were always empathic and kind, inquisitive and insightful… but I am certain that you have exceeded even your own expectations of acceptance and understanding. You are a healer in your own right. Beautiful essay.

  4. Imagine this scene: A six foot seven inch, 250 lb. man (never Mormon) 55 Year old gray haired man. He is painting his garage and listening to a podcast and crying like a baby. Thank You‼️

  5. Leaving the religious path need not be leaving the spiritual path. Thank you for showing a bigger container , for evolving consciousness into greater awakening and for giving those who are hungry, permission to go forward with a liberated soul .

  6. Wow Margi.

    I’m numb. I’m stunned. I’m on the verge of breaking open. Thank you so much. I needed to hear every word you spoke.

    Judi Judkins

  7. I listened to this for the first time today. Absolutely amazing! Your writing is so moving and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your strength and example!

  8. I know that you live outside Logan now…..but how I wish that I could just spend an hour with you. I am still broken…a widow with a secret…resigned in the faith she was brought up with…but can’t shake. No do overs…no cherishing the new…but still back there with a husband who is gone now…but with so many things unsaid. My hope in the broken open part of my journey is there is still forgiveness when there is no one here to forgive…or a place to return to. I hope you find this someday and contact me. You have so many others on your journey still…but I hope there i still something that we could share. Meanwhile, I wish you many joys…your marriage is tender and careful and love rules…may your children find there way..and that you will know that even though you can’t take credit of their journeys…you and John are a part of the very foundation that set them free.

    Thank you…

  9. Thankyou so much for sharing this: its beautiful and has given me strength today.
    I can only imagine the pain you have felt and in the most public of arenas -social media!
    Thankyou for putting into words some of the things we feel when we are forced to look at every atom of our lives and relationships and ask questions about those relationships as we rebuild and try to find safe spaces.

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