Ally, a returned-missionary and member of BYU’s elite choir, BYU Singers, describes her struggles with perfectionism, mental health, discovering her asexuality after marriage, losing her faith as a student at BYU, and rediscovering her relationship with music.


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One Comment

  1. Neal August 3, 2022 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    I was raised in the LDS church and exposed to all the talk and teaching around masturbation being forbidden, an act that resulted in one’s unworthiness and uncleanliness.
    Although no longer a member of the church, I am still of the understanding that an active LDS married couple that openly shares with each other that they masturbate is their business, and not considered to be unclean or sinful.
    The reason for my comment is due to Ally talking about her husband masturbating and subsequently feeling guilt and shame, even when their communication over him doing so was open and transparent. (healthy)
    Am I missing something ?…
    On another note, I enjoyed the podcast listening to Ally’s story. (Part 1) Her vulnerability and insight displayed regarding her personal sexuality and relationship with her husband, inspiring.

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