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1766: Conspiracy Theories, Religion, and Mormonism – w/ Michael Shermer | Mormon Stories Book Club2023-05-26T04:37:32-06:00
1744: Recovering after Mormonism – Dr. Steven Hassan2023-03-20T11:08:28-06:00
1743: Joining and Leaving the Moonies / Unification Church – Cult Expert Dr. Steven Hassan2023-04-11T11:29:18-06:00
1735: When the Moon Turns to Blood w/ Leah Sotille | Mormon Stories Book Club2023-03-06T13:01:50-07:00
1718: What John Would Change About the Church w/ Shelise Sola2023-01-28T21:03:24-07:00
1715: Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America w/ Stephen Bullivant2023-01-28T20:53:34-07:00
1600-1601: Becoming a Post-Christian Improv Comic – Holly Laurent2022-05-31T09:04:49-06:00
1570-1574: An Evangelical Christian Encounters Mormonism – Steven Pynakker2022-04-13T08:13:02-06:00
1513-1517: Street Epistemology and Mormonism with Anthony Magnabosco2022-02-25T16:10:42-07:00
1507: Escaping the NXIVM Cult – Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames2022-12-26T09:01:09-07:00
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