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  1. Thanks for a fascinating interview…the parallels between mormonism and the JW’s are hard to ignore, which is ironic since each religion considers the other one ‘crazy’. I just ordered your book, and can’t wait to read it ! Thanks for sitting down for hours and hours to get this story out to us. Thanks Lloyd !

  2. Fascinating. My first mission city was Hof, Germany – a “sister city” to Ogden, Utah. The Mormon missionaries had minor celebrity status, with a lot of perks. (The mayor had us over one Sunday afternoon – and we presented him with a photo of his and his wife standing outside the SLC temple.) One night we were invited to a Catholic social club where we heard a presentation from a guy who had been in charge of the entire Jehovah’s Witness movement in eastern Europe. He’d grown up in the faith – his parents died in a concentration camp during the Third Reich. He was a leader in the church – but was troubled in in 1960’s when some significant doctrinal changes were made – after all, his parents had died for what was now classified as false teaching. He started asking questions, and was eventually disfellowshipped.

    A couple of young women came, hoping to debate him. They’d start reading a passage from the Wachtturm (Watcht0wer) – and he’d complete the quote for them, and then explain why it wasn’t correct. I really felt bad for them . . .

  3. When I was still living with my mom in The Hague I saw a very handsome, missionary-lookalike young man, from my window, down on the street. How lucky I felt he rang at my door and I followed the first JW lesson. I remember I wanted to pray with him, he said it was ok if I said the prayer, but he wouldn’t pray along. It was pretty humiliating he didn’t even close his eyes or bow his head, only because I was a woman and in his church women were not allowed to pray while a man is around ???????? The mormon church was discriminating, but at least the men prayed along while women spoke out. No chance, I followed a few lessons but I was allready too much feminist for mormon men, let stand for a JW man, no matter how handsome he could be.

    To give it a fair chance I had been praying for an anwer, and one night I woke up with a verse from the bible in mind. I found the verse and it was about a woman being a prophet in the Old Testament. Neither the Mormon and the JW church provided female prophets, to me it was an answer that I shouldn’t go on with the JW-lessons and ponder about the verse according to the mormon church !

    Another famous JW is Cliff Richard from ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Power to all my Friends’, sung for United Kingdom, at Eurovision Songfestival !

    The last years I had the kindest JWs at my door. I followed some lessons or discusssed some bible verse at the door and I enjoyed the great spiritual insights they had. However I do not believe in a life after death, but due to my own experience can’t have any place to doubt there is life after death. Their belief after death your body is just going into the ground and the spirit is no more, is so opposite to what I became to know through experience, that I couldn’t join them in their beliefs. However, I concider them to be very lovely people.

    Great to learn more about JW this way, the simularities and the differences and I had to laugh about John claiming the Mormons had won !!!!! LOL !!!!! We had a better story. Thanks to Joseph Smith, LOL !!!!!

    I remember my mum became member from the 7th Day Adventist church. It was in those days I learned Mormons, JW and 7th Day started about the same time. In those days my faith was shaking, but now I think it is interesting just to learn about it.

    Thank you very much for these interviews ! I Love to hear the next 2 !

    Mw. Adrie de Jong
    The Netherlands

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