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  1. I’m so glad you interviewed Lloyd. I’ve watched several of his videos and he’s a real likable guy. It has been great to learn about the commonalities that high control religions have such as JW and Mormons. I remember watching the video of when his father decided that he had to shun Lloyd. Heartbreaking what many ex members of the JW have to go through.

  2. Amazing parallels to Mormonism except that JWs are quite a bit worse. At least the LDS church encourages higher education and doesnt take a stand against evolution. JWs can be disfellowshiped for working for the federal government? Does that include the post office? The LDS church seems much more adept at marketing and presenting a positive public image. On the other hand I think we have way more skeletons in our closet and more dirt to dig up. I am happy to see that there are post JW activists too.

  3. Amazing podcast. Love this approach John. Eccentric religious movements is completely correct. Enjoyed seeing Lloyd on Scientology programme. Love hearing a Northener on your Podcast, we need more Brits. I’d love to see you interview, “Apostasy” Film Director,Daniel Kokotajlo.

  4. I’ve always wanted to know more about Jehovah Witnesses.
    This seemed to jump all over the place and was difficult to follow just by listening.

    If we could interview high profile Muslims and Mason’s that would be interesting as well.

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