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  1. John, please stop leading the witness. Just interview the guy, ask open-ended questions, and stop trying to prove your theories. I’m not saying your theories are right or wrong, just that this podcast is called “Mormon Stories”, not “John’s Agenda about Mormonism”. Otherwise a fascinating interview……….thank you both for this gift!

  2. Thank you John and Dan for a wonderfully enlightening interview and for helping us all to better understand joseph smith and his history and all that brought him in to what he eventually became, a latter day Mormon prophet, hearing Dan is a breath of fresh air and l appreciate all your efforts to give a really good interview john. Many thanks both of you.

  3. Hoping to be wrong, but I dare say that Dan’s book “The Making of a Prophet” isn’t available. I see two used copies on amazon starting at $700.

    1. Post
  4. I can’t believe you didn’t discuss The Late War as an inspiration for the Book of Mormon! Why? Dan, I have always admired your scholarship and objectivity. Hope to hear more from you!

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