2019 Mormon Stories Truth Claims Billboard Campaign

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For 2019 we are raising support for the Mormon Stories “Truth Claims” Billboard Campaign.  Here’s how it will work.

  • Every month we plan to release a new essay and podcast on http://mormonstories.org/truth-claims, that will address one of the major Mormon Truth Claims.
  • Example topics includes: Joseph Smith’s treasure digging, Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, Mormon Temple Ceremony and Masonry, Kinderhook plates, Blacks and the Priesthood, Women and the LDS church, LGBT issues and the LDS church, etc.
  • Each month we will release a new billboard along the I-15 corridor advertising the new essay/podcast episode.
  • Billboards along I-15 cost $5,800/month, so the total cost for a year’s worth of billboards will be $70,000.  $20,000 has already been donated by a generous donor.

Please donate! 100% of your investment will go into keeping our billboard campaign alive. Thank you!

John Dehlin, Ph.D.


Comments 5

  1. Great idea, great sign and design, and great YouTube video and music.

    It should be obvious and easy to find and see.

    So I just drove north on I-15 in Salt Lake City from 7200 So, to 2100 So. at about 1-p.m. but did NOT see the sign,

    Will drive it again.

  2. I love the idea. I will support the campaign, but if the hope is to persuade wasatch front TBMs to check out mormon stories, I think the “was JS a treasure digger?” sign screams “anti-mormon literature” to the average TBM. Is there a way to word these signs that will be intriguing to members without scaring them off?

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