Mormon Stories Truth Claims Billboard Campaign (Completed!)

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We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Mormon Stories Podcast Billboard campaign.

On average, during the months we ran the billboard we received a 10-15% increase in new visitors to month over month compared to the previous year.

We see this campaign as a great success and are grateful to everyone who helped make it happen.

If you would like to continue supporting Mormon Stories Podcast, please consider a donation here.


John Dehlin



Comments 5

  1. Great idea, great sign and design, and great YouTube video and music.

    It should be obvious and easy to find and see.

    So I just drove north on I-15 in Salt Lake City from 7200 So, to 2100 So. at about 1-p.m. but did NOT see the sign,

    Will drive it again.

  2. I love the idea. I will support the campaign, but if the hope is to persuade wasatch front TBMs to check out mormon stories, I think the “was JS a treasure digger?” sign screams “anti-mormon literature” to the average TBM. Is there a way to word these signs that will be intriguing to members without scaring them off?

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