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  1. Dan Vogel is amazing. We all need to buy his books and support him in order for him to have the means to publish more!

  2. At the beginning of the episode you discussed a new billboard campaign, I think it is a really great idea. I think another good question to ask would be:

    “Why were 24 women sealed to Joseph Smith before Emma Hale?”

    Bergera, “The Earliest Eternal Sealings for Civilly Married Couples”, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Volume 35, Fall 2002, Pgs. 41-66, available at – “By the time of his sealing to Emma, Smith had married some twenty-five celestial wives” (Pg. 54); also see Bushman, “Rough Stone Rolling”, Vintage Books, 2005, Pg. 494, “on a cold Sunday evening, May 28, 1843, in the upper room of Joseph’s redbrick store, Joseph and Emma were ‘sealed’ for eternity by the power of the priesthood”, available at ; Madsen, “My Dear and Beloved Companion”, Ensign, September 2008, available at – “May 28, 1843 – Joseph and Emma were sealed for eternity.”

  3. Great podcast. I’d love to read Joseph Smith: The Making of a Prophet, but it looks like it is out of print. Sells for $350 on Amazon, which is slightly out of my price range. Any chance of another print run of this book?

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          1. Is it possible for you to provide a link to the blog description so we can get the link to the on-line book? (Or maybe just provide the link to the book direct here.)

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