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  1. I have left the church for many reasons. I am angry and feel at times lost and searching for something to replace it. I. have found hope in reading mormon stories and knowing that I am not alone. Thank you John Dehlin

  2. Jared, thank you for being vulnerable and expressing your truths about your journey. I too have seen fire and I’ve seen rain …. you inspired me to shower the people I love, with love. When you are in East Tennessee, look is up bro.
    John, you did it again. Thank you for bringing us Jared’s story. – so so critical.

  3. Thank you Jared and John, and Jared for your honesty and vulnerability. I agree about the need to be surrounded by a healthy community and the joy there is in spending time together. I identified strongly with your insights about feelings and not carrying others’ pain. Although I left the Mormon Church decades ago, overcoming my early programming of “don’t think, don’t feel, don’t question; accept, obey, and take your place in the patriarchal order” is a work on progress. John referred to a CBC.ca Uncover podcast on the cult Nexivn. Another CBC.ca podcast, Uncover: Satanic Panic, deals with false recovered memories from the 80’s and 90’s with the story of how this impacted the small town of Martensville in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Video part 3: 04:52 – 5:01

    Thanks, John.
    Huge respect, Jared!

  5. Teal is dangerous. My life is also messed up because of her hypocrisy. I feel like she teaches everyone to trust her advice, and only her advice. I found her when suicidal as well. I feel so lost and miserable. Teal does not care.

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