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  1. It’s so unfair that Shannon Flynn isn’t allowed in the Church History Library and parts of Temple Square. These places should welcome with open arms any self-described “friend”, “associate”, “colleague”, and “collaborator” of Mark Hoffman. In fact, other than Mark himself, Shannon is the only person I’d hire both to babysit my kids and run the National Archives. Any friend of Mark Hoffman should be great at both!

  2. Shannon, I’m sure you have a lot of anxiety about the way you were portrayed in the documentary. But, It is clear (to me at least) that you were not involved in the criminal parts of the Mark Hoffman story. I think you were his pawn and that you are a good person. I’ve met you and your lovely wife in person – won’t say where/when – I enjoyed you both so much (especially her 😁). I’m so sorry to hear of your health problems. I appreciated hearing your story, I was always curious about it but never wanted to ask. I’m also so incredibly sorry to hear about how horribly the church has treated you. You’re a more forgiving person than I could be, as it would be impossible for me to remain faithful to an organization that has treated you as if you are guilty with no evidence. I wish you and Robin the very best and hope your health continues to be well.

  3. I think Shannon is playing Jedi mind tricks on John. John said it’s April 14th and Shannon corrected John that its April 14th not April 12th. Kind of a trip.

  4. Wow, Mr. Flynn seems to be getting a bit defensive when it seems that John is just trying to ask questions to let Mr. Flynn set the record straight.

  5. I really appreciated Shannon’s perspective on things. No matter how hard he was pressed, he held his own and explained just how normal a “faith crisis” is.

  6. I want to thank Shannon Flynn for taking the time to set the record straight with his Mormon Story as well as the masterful interview that John Dehlin conducted.

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